The College’s academic programs provide students the opportunity to participate in off-campus internships, often as a graduation requirement. Internships generally provide students with one of three types of experience:
  • A continuation of work in a familiar field to increase student knowledge by performing tasks beyond those already mastered in this career area
  • An experience intended to broaden student expertise within a career area by working in an area of that profession not previously experienced; and
  • A shadowing or observational experience of a professional in a specific career field as a means of exploring a possible new career interest. Regardless of the type of experience, internships make valuable connections between the world of work and the student’s academic study. Each academic program has specific eligibility requirements for internships that can be checked in the College Catalog or by contacting either the Program Director or the Director of Career Services.

Internship information is posted on the Internship Bulletin Board in the Career Services Office, 7 Nickerson St, and is also sent directly to students by College e-mail.