Letters of Recommendation

Your letters of recommendations are very important to the acceptance process. You need to select your recommenders carefully. The people you want to ask for letters of recommendation to graduate school are those who can speak to your academic performance, your interest in the academic area, personal qualities that have shown you to be an excellent student, your abilities to interact effectively with others and any outstanding quality or situation that has prepared you for this particular course of study.

Usually, recommenders who will have the most positive impact on your application are professors, especially those in the academic area you are pursuing. Employers can also provide powerful recommendations especially if you have worked in the same field as you are planning to study. Recommendations from friends, relatives and co-workers will not have the same impact that professors will. Please allow plenty of time for your recommenders to prepare and send the letters. When requesting a letter of recommendation, include a copy of your resume. This allows the recommender to look at the totality of your education and experiences and craft the recommendation based on your interests, education and experiences.