Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Students with degrees in psychology find careers in many fields. The curriculum in psychology educates students in social interaction, group dynamics, conflict management, research and human development. The research, writing and critical thinking skills that psychology majors’ gain prepares them for many career options. Those interested in pursuing psychology as a career will find that an advanced degree is required. Those interested in pursuing careers in medicine, teaching, law However, bachelor degreed psychology majors will also find entry level positions in human and social services and criminal justice. Also, many psychology majors find rewarding careers in business settings such as human resources, marketing, public relations, management and sales. A major in psychology provides education necessary for all occupations, excellent communications skills, the ability to work in teams and the ability to analyze human behavior situations. Internships are extremely beneficial to all psychology majors as an internship can begin to shape your career in a particular area of interest.

Students in this major have completed internships and have found employment with the following:

Benedictine Hospital
Crouse Hospital
Dick Van Dyke Addictions Center
Hillside Family of Agencies
Hutchings Psychiatric Center
Liberty Resources
Mancuso Center
New Hope Family Services
Onondaga County Department of Law
Tully Hill Rehabilitation Center