Sample Sentences

First Paragraph Sentences

1.  I am interested in a (type of work) position in your (company, agency). I believe that my interest, experience and education support my ability to learn and produce in this area.

2.  I am interested in applying for a (teaching position, opportunity in your school district). I will be/am certified to teach (subject or grades).

3.  My educational background and experience supports my sincere interest in a career in (Marketing).  I am interested in a challenging opportunity with your firm, affording training and eventual advancement to (Marketing) Management.

4.  Would you kindly send me an application for a teaching position in your school district. I will graduate in May (year) with a (double) major/s in , and will be certified to teach (subject, grades).

5.  I will be living in _______ after the end of this academic semester, and would appreciate your consideration of my application for a position with (company, school system).

6.  My interest is in entering a career in _______, and my plan to relocate to _________ support my request for employment consideration with your (firm). I would appreciate receiving information relative to your application procedure.

7.  Enclosed please find the application for your (professional opportunity, teaching position) in _________ . I have requested that my credential file be forwarded to you in support of my application for the position.

8.  Mr./Ms. (name), (title) of (school, company) suggested that I write concerning my interest in (joining your staff, applying for your opening) in ______. In the course of completing my (senior research paper, study) in _________ , I became familiar with your organization's work in/with (product, research, clients). I will complete my BS degree in May of this year, and I would like to join your (quality control) staff . My senior capstone (field experience) dealt with (short description).

9.  Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you about (school or company name) at Cazenovia College on (date). I am most impressed with your (school system, company, training program) and the opportunities (or challenge) you presented.

10. Thank you for the invitation to visit your (school system, plant operations and office facilities). I am looking forward to visiting with you and continuing our discussion about the (career opportunities, challenges of teaching) at/in (company or town name). I will arrive at (time) on (date).

11. It was certainly a great pleasure to visit with you in/at (town, company) on (date). I was quite favorably impressed by (name of company) plant operations and office facilities, and by the courtesy extended to me by your staff.

Second Paragraph Sentences
1.  My educational background, experience in this area, and my sincere interest in the challenges offered support my belief that I have the qualifications you seek.

2.  During the past four years of college, I have developed through education and experience a strong desire to find an entry level opportunity in (work area). I feel that I am equipped with educational preparation and valuable experience that supports my qualification for a career in __________.

3.  A position with your firm would provide the kind of opportunity and challenge I seek. (I am seeking).

4.  With a BPS degree in Management , plus varied experience in (traffic) departments of local industries, I am certain I could make a positive contribution to your organization (firm).

5.  Your opportunity demands the kind of responsibilities I seek in a career position. My experience and capabilities to supervise, communicate effectively, and to see a task to its successful completion (to "get a job done") would support my contribution to the overall functioning of your operation.

6.  While attending school I have worked as a (department aide), (laboratory technician) in ______, and have been involved in a variety of (research, analytical) assignments.

7.  I believe that my background and experience would enable me to make a positive contribution to a full-time career position with (type of work) responsibilities.

8.  I am confident that I can offer positive contributions to (company, agency, council name) while being open to the personal growth the experience will undoubtedly provide.

9.  Previous experience in a variety of organizations has given me a considerable amount of confidence in my organizational abilities and interpersonal communication skills.

10. I believe the background and attitude that I hold can be an asset in supporting the activities of the (society, council, YMCA).

11. I view the position as described in (publication) as an excellent opportunity to learn and produce, and I would welcome the chance to perform and contribute to (company name) growth as a member of your (department) staff.

12. I find the possibilities for learning and productive challenge in this position extremely attractive.

13. This position would provide an avenue for learning and advancement, which is important to me.

14. The challenges and professional input I foresee in this position represent the type of opportunity I seek.

Third Paragraph Sentences
1.  Enclosed is a resume describing my employment and educational background for your consideration.

2.  Enclosed is a resume describing my education and employment background in support of my qualifications for your staff opportunity.

3.  If you will review the enclosed resume you will see that I have had a strong education and varied experience which is compatible with (supportive of) the requirements of this position.

Fourth Paragraph Sentences
1.  I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in an  interview at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

2.  I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in an interview at your convenience (at a time mutually convenient).

3.  I appreciate your consideration of my application, and look forward to an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in an interview.

4.  I will be looking forward to further communication with you regarding employment with (name of company).

5.  I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my background and your organization's needs during an interview in the near future.

6.  I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss the mutually beneficial possibilities of employment with (company name) in an  interview.

7.  If you find my qualifications acceptable for your purpose, please contact me at your convenience.

8.  Should my qualifications be of interest to you, please suggest arrangements for a personal interview in the near future.

9.  I have asked the Cazenovia College Registrar's Office to send you a transcript of my grades in support of my application (per your request).

10. I plan to be in your area (at home) during our spring recess (break) from (April 2nd to April 9th). I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications during this time. I look forward to hearing from you relative to an interview date.

11. My thanks again for your time, Ms./Mr. __________________. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

12. Thank you for your consideration. If you require additional information, please call me at _____________.