What Makes Our Program Different?

Whether it’s the tuition rate or the desire for a high-quality degree leading to employment, Cazenovia College is the right answer for a lot of people. We are ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of "America's Best," yet we remain committed to having a small, high quality program. You aren’t just a face or a number to us; you are part of our Cazenovia College family.

The program structure is important, as well. While other programs may promise quick results, in an almost unbelievable time span, this may not be for all learning styles or for all busy lifestyles. At Cazenovia, the upper division course work can take three years to complete, taking two or three classes per semester at night. Taking it a bit slower means that you’ll have time in your life for your job and your family.

Many programs don’t mention their tuition rates until you’ve been through an information session, but we’re up front about our program. The tuition for Cazenovia's program at Clinton Community College is $245 per credit, which is comparable to State University rates. Some Human Service transfer programs only allow you to transfer 12 credits, even though you’ve earned 60 or more credits at your community college. Cazenovia College respects the fact that you have worked hard for those credits and believes that hard work should be rewarded. Most of our students are able to transfer in all their credits and use them toward their baccalaureate degree.

We bring the program to you. While transferring to other upper division programs means that you’ll be going to a new and unfamiliar school, the Clinton/Cazenovia partnership allows you to continue taking classes on the Clinton Community College campus*, in a setting that is familiar. The relationships you’ve built at Clinton are still there, and so are you.

Our program includes an internship in your region. Through the internship, you’ll build new connections, gain on-the-job training and add to the breadth and depth of your resume. Cazenovia makes sure that the internship in which you’re placed is appropriate for your career path, and guidance from your professors will help you succeed. Cazenovia College has a primary mission: Your success.

*Toward the end of your academic journey, you will take one course on the Cazenovia College campus, in the summer over a few weekends. Cazenovia arranges for meal and room accommodations, which are easily accommodated into the most modest of personal budgets.