Online Learning at Cazenovia College

Cazenovia College’s Center for Career and Extended Learning offers online credit courses to all full-time, part-time, and visiting students. A convenient and flexible way of earning credits without having to be on campus, online courses are offered during the College's four terms – fall, winter, spring, and summer. Cazenovia College students may include online courses as part of their education at the College, while visiting students can use these courses as a way to supplement the coursework they are completing at their home college or university.
Online courses are conducted through Blackboard 9, a web-based collaborative learning portal. Prior to starting an online course, first-time online learners are required to complete a Blackboard Tutorial to prepare them to work successfully in this online learning environment.
Check out the online credit courses currently available and contact the Center for Career and Extended Learning to start your enrollment process today.
Part-Time Tuition *
Tuition per credit hour: $250
Total tuition for a 3 credit course: $750
Semester Dates
Summer Session I 2015: May 20 – July 1
Summer Session II 2015: July 6 – August 13
Fall 2015: August 25 – December 11
Winter Term 2015-2016: December 14 – January 17
Spring 2016: January 19 – May 6

Registration/Withdrawal Procedures
Current Cazenovia College students must contact their Academic Advisor to register for classes.
Cazenovia College welcomes visiting students each term. Please download and complete the visiting student application. [ Download Visiting Student Application (pdf) ]
To drop or withdraw from a course, students must contact their Academic Advisor and complete an add/drop form or submit a written request to the Center for Career and Extended Learning.
Refund Policy (only includes tuition)
1st week (until end of Add/Drop Period): 100% of tuition
2nd week: 75% of tuition
3rd week: 50% of tuition
4th week: 25% of tuition
Contact Information
If you have questions, or would like additional information, contact the Center for Career and Extended Learning located on the first floor of Williams Hall or by calling 315-655-7191.
Recommended Technical Equipment and Software
Computer & Browser Settings
Supported Browsers & Operating Systems
We are currently using Blackboard 9.1, Service Pack 12. Check your version of Operating System and Web Browser.
Third-Party Plug-Ins
Adobe Reader
Adobe Web Players
Windows Media Player
Real Player
Quick Time
Microsoft Download Center
Google Chrome

Note: Visiting students who wish to enroll in courses through Cazenovia College are encouraged to contact the college or university where they are matriculated to confirm whether or not the courses they take will be will be transferrable to their home institution.
*Full-time Cazenovia College students will be charged part-time tuition for online classes taken during the summer sessions and winter term.