Course Offerings

Note: You are encouraged to confirm with your academic advisor at your home institution that you will receive credit for a course taken through Cazenovia College. Most colleges require a course description of the course to be transferred before granting permission. Course descriptions can be found below. To have your credits transferred, request that a transcript be sent to your school from Cazenovia College’s Enrollment Services Center.

Spring 2014
BU 119 ST: Introduction to Hospitality Management (3 credits)
Instructor: TBA
Introduction to Hospitality Management provides a general understanding of the scope of the hospitality industry. Students are introduced to the various aspects of hospitality including, travel & tourism, restaurant operations, casinos, spa management, and event planning.
BU 233 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
Instructor: J. Koegel
The function of personnel management and the integration of human resources are explored. Topics include the organization of work and structure, staffing, training, recruitment, interviewing, testing, organizational and managerial development, performance evaluation, diversity, supervision and management-labor relations.  Prerequisite: BU 110 Principles of Management
FA 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present (3 credits)
Instructor: B. Zaker
The course covers Western art movements and styles from the Renaissance through the present. Sculpture, architecture, graphics, painting and new art trends and movements are considered as well as the political, religious, and social contexts of art.

HG 101 World Civilization to 1550 (3 credits)
Instructor: J. Sloan
This course covers the period from the origin of human civilizations to the Renaissance. Through a thematic and comparative approach to world history, it is expected that by focusing significantly on the non-western regions of the world, but not excluding European cultures, it is hoped that the student will reach a greater understanding of and respect for the diversity of cultures around the world.
ID 369 Building Codes (3 credits)
Instructor: E. Lints
This course acquaints students with various aspects of New York State Building Codes. General building codes of other areas are included as appropriate. Potential areas of difficulty in code compliance are explored in relation to interior design practice.
SB 361 Death, Dying and Bereavement (3 credits)
Instructor: P. Hirsch
The course examines psychological, social, and biological conceptualizations and consequences of dying, death and grief in contemporary society, with a special emphasis on examining one’s own feelings and attitudes towards death.