Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Winter Term Courses 

Q. How much is Tuition?
A. Winter term tuition is $245 per credit hour with a 3 credit hour course totaling $735.
Q. What are the dates of the winter term?
A. Monday, December 16, 2013 through Sunday, January 19, 2014. Blackboard access to your course will be available beginning December 8, 2013.
Q. If I am not a Cazenovia College student, can I still register?
A. Yes, Cazenovia College welcomes visiting students each term. Please download and complete the visiting student application. Registration begins on Monday, November 4, 2013. [ Download Visiting Student Application (pdf) ]
Q. When is the last day to register for a class?
A. The last day to register for a winter term course will be December 18, 2013. 
Q. How can I drop or withdraw from a class?
A. Cazenovia College students and visiting students must contact the Center for Career and Extended Learning to drop or withdraw from a course by submitting a written request, faxing a request to 315.655.6996 or by emailing Please include your full name and the course name and number you wish to drop. Students have until December 18, 2013 to drop a course and until January 17, 2014 to withdraw from a course.
Q. Do I get a refund if I drop or withdraw from a course?
A. If you drop the course by 4:00 p.m. on December 18, you will receive a full refund. Students dropping after 4:00 p.m. on December 18 will receive a prorated refund
Q. How do I obtain a refund?
A. Once a drop has been processed, the student should contact the Center for Career and Extended Learning to verify method of refund. 
Q. Am I required to be on campus at any time for the winter term?
A. No, all of your coursework will be completed online.
Q. How do I get my grades?
A. Students can check their grades through WebAdvisor. 
Q. How do I get my credits transferred over to my college or university?
A. You are encouraged to confirm with your academic advisor at your home institution that you will receive credit for a course taken through Cazenovia College.  Most colleges require a course description of the course to be transferred before granting permission. Course descriptions can be found on our online course catalog. To have your credits transferred, request that a transcript be sent to your school from Cazenovia College’s Enrollment Services Center.
Q. How many courses can I take during the winter term?
A. Students may take one course during the winter term.