Financial Services

Cazenovia College’s Enrollment Services Center, located on the first floor of Coleman Hall, includes services for student accounts including billing, transmitting financial aid and processing payments. It also provides other financial services, including the administration of an emergency loan fund and check cashing services, as well as offering information about the payment plan and tuition insurance.

The College may contact and disclose to the signer(s) of the Enrollment Agreement any student receivables information deemed appropriate, unless specific instructions not to make those contacts are received from the student, in writing, within seven days after the beginning of the term in which that student first enrolled at Cazenovia College.

Alumni Emergency Loan Fund
The Alumni Emergency Loan Fund was established by the Class of 1963 to provide small short-term loans to students in immediate need of cash. The loans are available to any student in good standing who needs a short-term loan for such purposes as prescriptions, emergency travel and the like. Requests for a loan should be made to the Bursar. Loans must be repaid within two weeks.

Billing Schedule
Tuition and fees for the academic year are billed in two installments, with statements available on WebAdvisor-Student Finance. The first payment, after estimated aid is applied, is due no later than August 3. Spring term billing is due no later than January 4. If payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of $150 will be charged. Students are encouraged to stay informed by accessing WebAdvisor-Student Finance on a regular basis.

No student may register or pre-register, participate in room lottery, receive a transcript of school records or diploma, until payments owed the College have been made. In extreme cases, it may be necessary for the College to withhold services or ask a student to leave.

The processing of educational loans will usually require four to six weeks. Therefore, where the proceeds are to be applied as payment of tuition and fees, application for those loans must be made early. Loan approval must be received by the College prior to the billing due date, or the late payment fee will be assessed.

Monthly Payment Plan
The College offers TuitionPay from Sallie Mae* for families who want an alternative to lump sum payments. Additional information can be obtained by calling Sallie Mae at 800.635.0120 or visiting its Web site at or calling the College at 800-654-3210.

* Bookstore charges as well as any balance remaining from previous billing periods are not eligible for this plan.

Tuition Insurance
The College recommends enrollment in the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan (TRIP), which is available through a private insurance company. For approximately one percent of the tuition, room and board, the plan will refund unused prepaid charges and also provide payment of unpaid charges, should a student be absent or withdraw for medical reasons (physical or emotional) for more than 31 consecutive days during the college year. (This plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.) Additional information is available from the Office of Enrollment Services.