Tuition and Fees

The day student (full-time and part-time students) tuition includes all student support services, including, for example, health services, counseling, tutoring, and computer laboratory usage.  Please note that charges associated with academic sessions outside the fall and spring semesters are not included in the annual tuition, room and board costs.
  • Full-time students, those enrolled in 12-18 credits per semester, are charged $15,600 per semester, for a total of $31,200 for the academic year. With permission of the vice president for academic affairs, a full-time student may take an additional course beyond 18 credits for an additional overload charge of $356 per credit hour.
  • Part-time students, those enrolled in 1-11 daytime credit hours, are charged as follows: up to seven credit hours at $660 per credit hour; from seven to 11 credit hours at $4,620 plus $1,040 per credit hour (a prorated portion of full-time tuition).
Extended Learning students, those enrolled in 1-9 credit hours and attending classes that begin after 3:40 p.m., are charged $250 per credit hour. With written permission of the registrar and the director of the Center for Career and Extended Learning, Extended Learning students may be allowed to enroll in additional credit hours.

Standard Room*- $7,190 for the academic year
Single Room - $8,366 for the academic year
Suite - $8,194 for the academic year
Apartment - $8,798 for the academic year
* Room selections are for the entire academic year. Unauthorized contract changes are subject to penalty as described in the Student Handbook.

Board: Meal Plan Options
Gold Meal Plan* - $6,218
  • Includes up to 24 visits to the Dining Hall and Late Nite Operations (in Dining Hall and Sayford Cyber Café) within a week.
  • Includes $200 in Dining Dollars per semester and ten (10) guest meals/semester.
Blue Meal Plan - $5,636
  • Includes up to 19 visits to the Dining Hall and Late Nite Operations (in Dining Hall and Sayford Cyber Café) within a week.
  • Includes $75.00 in Dining Dollars per semester and five (5) guest meals/semester.
Commuter Meal plan**- $1,750
  • Includes up to 80 visits to the Dining Hall and Late Nite Operations (in Dining Hall and Sayford Cyber Café) within a semester.
  • Includes $25.00 in Dining Dollars per semester and two (2) guest meals/semester.
* The recommended meal plan for incoming first year students is the Gold Meal Plan.
** The Commuter Meal Plan is available only to off-campus and commuter students or apartment residents. Meal plans cannot be changed after the add/drop date. Meal plan elections are for the entire academic year.

Activity Fee (per semester) - $162
Graduation (mandatory) - $190
Room Damage and Key Deposit - $100
Key/Room damage deposits are refundable without interest.
Orientation Fee - $190
Audit Fee - $200
Transcript Fee - $5 each
Technology Fee (per semester) - $115

Additional Fees
The following fees apply to those students participating in the particular activity or service.
Art and Design Fee (per semester)
Art Majors - $118
Non-Art Majors - $64
Riding Fee for Equitation Courses - $1,122
Overload Charges
Per credit hour (over 18 credits per semester) - $356
Alternative Approaches to Credit Fees
Charge per credit - $103
Parking Permit (per year)
Residential Student - $200; Commuter - $100; Premium Permit - $300

Extended Learning Tuition
Extended Learning Tuition (per credit hour) - $245

Advance Registration Deposit
All continuing students are required to pay a $125 registration deposit in the spring semester prior to pre-registration for the fall semester.

Special Fees
Special fees such as Red Cross lifeguard training and other athletic activities may be assessed additionally.

Other optional activities or services may be offered at additional charge. Students may incur additional fees or charges not noted above such as health charges and library fines. These fees or charges are the responsibility of the student and/or the co-signer of the Enrollment Agreement. These additional charges will appear on a student’s bill as incurred.

For any questions concerning billing, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 315-655-7888.

Caz One Card
Cazenovia College is one of many colleges and universities in the United States that have transformed their campus ID cards (CazCard) into a debit card for use on and off campus at select merchant/vendor locations.

Students and employees may choose to use the CazCard as a debit card in the Dining Hall, the Sayford Cyber Café, College bookstore, and at participating local merchants instead of using cash.

In order to use the CazCard as a debit card, the holder must have a signed contract activating the account and have added money (CazCash) to the account. Visit for more information. The CazCard is also required for entrance into the Dining Hall for meals, as well as for Dining Dollars purchases.

Off-Campus Study (Internships)
Resident students electing to study off-campus do so at their own expense. No refund of room and board charges is made. Costs for travel to and from internships are the responsibility of the student.

Books and Supplies
Bookstore payments may be made by cash, check or with an accepted charge card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Students in good financial standing are granted charging privileges for books and required supplies up to a yearly limit of $1,000 directly to their student account. Some restrictions may apply; see the Office of Enrollment Services for details.
Please note: Parents may place restrictions on charging privileges of the student. To do so, contact the Enrollment Services Center.

Fire, Theft and Medical Insurance
The College is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, or any other cause.

Medical insurance coverage is mandatory. For those without private coverage, a student plan is available for a fee. Information regarding medical insurance may be obtained from the Health Office at 315-655-7122.

A student who wishes to insure against other risks is advised to contact Residence Life for more information about personal property insurance.

Check Cashing Policy
Students in good financial standing are able to cash a maximum of two checks per week with a maximum dollar limit per check of $50. This privilege is effective for each academic year through April 30. Restrictions do apply; additional information may be obtained from the Enrollment Services Center.

Off-Campus Housing
Students who qualify may receive refund checks from their financial aid funds. The Enrollment Services Center will disburse off-campus housing and refund checks only after finalization of financial aid funds. The refund process begins with receipt of a completed Request for Refund Form by the Enrollment Services Center. This process will terminate bookstore charging privileges. Bookstore purchases from this point become the responsibility of the student. Contact the Enrollment Services Center for complete details.