Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

Students at the Statewide CSTEP ConferenceThe Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is funded by New York State Department of Education, Bureau of Professional Career Opportunity Programs.  This initiative provides services for students from under-represented populations or economically disadvantaged backgrounds seeking careers in the sciences, mathematics, and technological fields, or one of the licensed professions in New York State.  The mission of CSTEP is to foster academic excellence, teach effective long-term career management skills and create meaningful pre-professional experiences for program participants.  Students may join CSTEP at any time during their college careers. 

CSTEP Survey
STEP for Leaders

Current fields of study at Cazenovia College being served by CSTEP:
Criminal Justice
Environmental Studies
Human Services
Interior Design
Liberal Studies
Social Sciences
Visual Communications

Benefits and Services:
Professional Development:  Students have opportunities to network with professionals and students from other colleges and universities at the statewide CSTEP Student Conference and other career-related conferences.

Portfolio Development:  Assistance is provided in developing business cards and resumes.  Following one year of membership, every student receives a portfolio to begin a collection of writing samples, awards, letters of recommendation, and other materials, which will set them apart from other applicants during job interviews.
Networking:  Students interact at monthly group meetings, area college programs, and at a statewide CSTEP Student Conference.

Newsletter:  Students are taught important life-long skills on topics such as resume writing, building portfolios, dressing for success, etiquette for job interviews, computer technology and career planning.
Internships:  Students receive help in finding career-related internships and/or job-shadowing opportunities.
Group Travel:  Transportation and travel expenses are provided for academic and career-focused field trips that enhance and enrich personal growth.
Tutoring:  Students have their academic subjects monitored and have access to free tutoring in all subjects.
Career Development:  Students have the opportunity to explore graduate school programs and career options, attend conferences, and receive assistance in preparing for GRE, GMAT, or LSAT exams.
Academic, Career and Personal Counseling: Students are assisted in setting and meeting attainable educational and career goals.
Leadership Opportunities:  Students learn business protocol and are encouraged to facilitate a monthly group meeting or present topics at a community meeting.  Many members become active in student government  and take on leadership roles for other campus organizations.
Recognition:  Student achievements are recognized and celebrated at the annual Awards Banquet.
You are eligible for CSTEP if you:
  • Are a New York State resident or a permanent resident alien residing in New York State;
  • Are enrolled in a CSTEP-related program; and
  • Are African-American, Alaskan Native, Latino/Hispanic American, Native American, OR meet specific income guidelines
Here are some comments from our alumni:

"Being a part of CSTEP helped me achieve my goal in two ways.  The first was the availability of the staff, and their willingness to assist me with academic and personal issues that were beyond their job description.  Secondly, attending the annual CSTEP conference taught me how to be more confident in myself." - Tracy Knight, '03

"CSTEP helped me to identify what my goals in life really were.  The various workshops and conferences, especially the Sagamore [conference], enabled me to meet various students who shared the same interests as m self.  These conferences also provided a way for students to interact with one another, as well as develop interpersonal skills."  Nathan Patterson, '01

"The experience was made smooth and easy knowing what friends - good friends - I had over in the CSTEP office.  Thanks for everything, I appreciated it."  Norvill Clark '01