Course Descriptions

Cazenovia College reserves the right to alter course offerings or course content without notice.  Any course with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled.

Course Identification
AC: Accounting
BU: Business
CJ: Criminal Justice
CM: Communication Studies
ED: Education
EN: English
EQ: Equine Studies
FA: Fine Arts
FD/FM: Fashion Design/Merchandising
HE: Health
HC: Health Care Management
HG: History and Government
HS: Human Services
HU: Humanities
IM: Information Management
LG: Languages
MS: Military Science
SA: Studio Art
SB: Social and Behavioral Sciences
SM: Science and Mathematics
SP: Sport Management
VC: Visual Communications

Generally, courses are numbered from the general to the specific.

Courses numbered from 000-199 may be taken during the freshman and sophomore years, while courses numbered from 200-299 are normally taken during the sophomore year.  Courses numbered 300-399 or 400-499 are taken during the junior and senior years respectively.  Courses numbered 100 or 100D may not be counted among the credits required for a degree.

FA 325
The World of Cinema
3 credits (AS)

A critical study of cinema as an evolving art form, this course concentrates on the uniqueness of the film medium as well as its relationship to literature and historical reality.  Students view and discuss films and prepare written analyses on the artistic technique and cultural impact of film as a narrative form. (Offered alternate fall terms)
Prerequisite: EN 201 Academic Writing II


Course Number
Course Title
Credits (Curriculum: AS Arts and Sciences or CS, Career Studies)
Course description, including offering
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