BU 105 American Business
3 credits

This is an introductory business course that introduces students to the intricacies of business and management. Students are provided a general overview of how business interfaces with many aspects of American society. Topics include: Forms of ownership, entrepreneurism, management, leadership, motivation, world class products, marketing, advertising, accounting, banking, promotion, distribution channels, and the domestic economy.
BU 110 Principles of Management
3 credits (CS)

Principles of management and the focus and function of an organization are explored. Among topics included are ethics, diversity, TQM, social responsibilities, multinational enterprises, and the functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Student must pass the course with a "C" or better.
BU 112 Business Operations for Farm and Stable Owners
3 credits (CS)

This course is concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of equine facilities; site selection and preparation; the selection and maintenance of equipment and fencing; arena design and footing; storage options; safety and security concerns; and the financial management of stables and farms including capitalization, depreciation, budgeting and inventory. Attention is given to the questions of efficiency, management, promotion, and basic small business organization and operation. (Offered spring term)  Prerequisite or co-requisite: BU 110 Principles of Management.
BU 120 Principles of Marketing
3 credits (CS)

This is an introductory course that helps students develop an under-standing of the marketing process from the point of view of producers, wholesalers, and retailers. A basic survey, it analyzes the institutions involved and the operations needed to satisfy the needs of ultimate consumers.
BU 145 Principles of Advertising
3 credits (CS)

A survey course that introduces the student to the major aspects of advertising. The course examines the ideas, principles and concepts that may be used to inform consumers about the availability of products and services. Among the topics covered are sales planning and forecasting and the development of promotional programs.
BU 205 Consumer Behavior
3 credits (CS)

This course examines and evaluates consumer needs, attitudes, and behavior and their effects on the marketing of different products and services. Individual consumer differences, environmental influences, and marketing strategies are also explored to determine how they affect consumer choice. Combining the disciplines of psychology and marketing, the course covers topics such as decision making; perceptions and information processing; attitudes and attitude-change strategies; and demographics and segmentation that influence consumer behavior. A detailed paper or project of individual interest is required of each student.
BU 212 Small Business Management/Ownership
3 credits (CS)

This course studies the environment in which a small business functions. Topics included are: establishing, operating, and managing a small business for profit. Advertising, legal and government controls, taxes, credit, insurance, cash flow, and management techniques are also presented.
BU 213 Retail Management
3 credits (CS)

An exploration of the principles of successful store management, the course analyzes the major divisions of the retail store and demonstrates the ways in which they work together for efficiency of operation. Discussion centers on store policies, buying, personnel, and customer and community relations management. Special attention is given to cultural diversity within the industry. (Offered on a rotating basis)
BU 215 Arts Management
3 credits (CS)

This course explores the various management facets of nonprofit and profit-based arts organizations in the United States. Students discover the variety and function of arts organizations through readings, field trips and guest lecturers, class discussion, and research. Topics explored include: goal-setting, fund raising, marketing, audience development, outreach to the community and non-traditional constituencies, bookkeeping, employee issues, and the special concerns of nonprofit organizations. (Offered spring term)
BU 220 Business Communications
3 credits (CS)

This is a writing-intensive course. This hands-on, project-oriented course will explore applications of word processing software, which will be incorporated into the creation of letters, memos, and short reports. Both research and composition will have important positions in this creation. The conceptual/lecture component of this course will survey current topics in management, including: trends, technology and businesses, and multicultural aspects of doing business. The course will also introduce proper presentation techniques.
BU 233 Human Resources Management
3 credits (CS)

The function of personnel management and the integration of human resources are explored. Topics include the organization of work and structure, staffing, training, recruitment, interviewing, testing, organizational and managerial development, performance evaluation, diversity, supervision and management-labor relations.  Prerequisite: BU 110 Principles of Management
BU 241 Professional Selling
3 credits (CS)

This course offers an examination of modern selling techniques. Emphasis is on the examination of consumer buying motives and successful methods of satisfying customer wants and needs while building good will and establishing customer satisfaction. Student involvement is stressed through the use of sales presentations, and class discussion. The selling of self is also covered as an aid to guiding students in presentation ability.
BU 281 Business Management Internship
3-6 credits (CS)

Practical experience is available to students in the business and accounting programs. On-the-job experience may be obtained in such areas as marketing, retailing, banking, accounting and government. Students attend a seminar class as a component of the course. Participants must provide their own transportation.  Prerequisites: The student must present an overall cumulative average of 2.5 with a 2.7 in required business courses, and have sophomore standing or permission of the instructor.
BU 288 Walt Disney World Internship
6 credits (CS)

Students intern at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Interviews are held each semester.   Prerequisites: Students must have a 2.75 grade point average and 12 academic credits. Permission of instructor is required.
3 credits (CS)

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the use of the statistical software package SPSS. This is not a statistics course, but relies on a previous understanding of statistics. SPSS will be used for descriptive as well as inferential statistics.
BU 305 Money and Banking
3 credits (CS)

This course is a study of the role of money in the U.S. financial system, in particular the operations, functions, structure and regulations of the system and functions of central banking. Special emphasis is given to the study of monetary theories, monetary management and the effectiveness of monetary policy.  Prerequisites: HG 131 Macroeconomics and HG 132 Microeconomics, and junior standing
BU 311 Production and Operations Management
3 credits (CS)

This course examines the strategy and control of the processes that transform resources into finished goods and services. Topics include the use of quantitative techniques for analysis and decision-making, the role of productivity and quality, and job design and human resources. (Offered spring term)  Prerequisites: SM 261 Statistics, and IM 120 Introduction to Computers
BU 331 Organizational Behavior
3 credits (CS)

This course examines the process by which behavioral science knowledge and practices are used to help organizations achieve greater effectiveness, including improved quality of life, increased productivity, improved product and service quality, and executive development.  Prerequisite: SB 120 Introduction to Psychology
BU 334 Diversity Management
3 credits (CS)
This course will examine the concepts of diversity that exist in the common workplace today. It will provide a broad overview of what constitutes diversity, provide a detailed look at diversity initiatives and how they can be improved, attempt to define diversity management and present a framework for implementing diversity management and will provide information on United States demographic dimensions such as age, gender, race, language, sexual orientation, and disability status.
BU 338 Problems in Management and Supervision
3 credits (CS)

The case method is utilized to analyze individual and group behavior in the workplace. Planning, recruiting, communications, grievances and conflict resolutions are covered. Various techniques and strategies for problem-solving are explored.
BU 346 Purchasing Management
3 credits (CS)

This course will reflect the current issues, needs and trends in the field of purchasing management, providing an overview of the role of the purchasing officer. Purchasing officers are responsible for the procurement of goods and materials for use in resale and manufacturing of goods and/or raw materials. Purchasing officers are found in most small and large businesses; e.g., manufacturing plants, hospitals, educational institutions, and government offices.
BU 348 Marketing Management
3 credits (CS)

This course is an advanced marketing course which takes an analytical approach to solving complex marketing problems at the managerial level. Various marketing principles, statements, and concepts are presented. The case study approach will be used. Prerequisite: BU 120 Principles of Marketing
BU 351 Fortune 500 Companies
3 credits (CS)

This course will focus on research in the Fortune 500 companies. Both external and internal environments will be examined. The student is expected to conduct preliminary research through the use of the Internet or traditional methodologies. Students will examine the following aspects of Fortune 500 companies: accounting, finance, marketing, advertising, human resources, quality standards and general management policies.  Prerequisites: BU 110 Principles of Management, and SM 261 Statistics
BU 352 Analyzing Business Videos
3 credits (CS)

This course will examine the evolution of business and contemporary business practices through the use of films and videos. Students in teams/groups will analyze and report on how these films impact a business environment.  Prerequisites: BU 110 Principles of Management, and EN 101 Academic Writing I
BU 353 Internet and Other Business Media
3 credits (CS)

This course will focus on the current events that shape the business environment. Both external and internal environments will be examined through business articles published in newspapers, journals and periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Journal of Personnel and Journal of Industrial Psychology, and on internet Web sites.  Prerequisites: IM 120 Introduction to Computers, and BU 110 Principles of Management
BU 360 Advanced Principles of Equine Business Management
3 credits (CS)

Building upon basic principles learned in BU 112, students will continue their study of business management. This course will examine aspects of business management including business ethics, taxes, liability, insurance, horse sales, budgeting, financial planning and customer relations as they relate specifically to small businesses in the horse industry. The completion of a formal business plan is required. (Offered fall term)  Prerequisites: BU 112 Business Operations for Farm and Stable Owners
BU 361 Business Promotions
1 credit (CS)

This course will provide a study of techniques used within a small business for promotion, marketing and sales. Students are required to complete projects, utilizing current technology available through computers and video. (Offered spring term)
BU 363 Business Law and Ethics
3 credits (CS)

Introduction to the fundamental elements of the law and our legal system as it has developed over time. The scope of the course will include specific substantive areas of the law together with practical application in our business world. Further, the course will include an overview of the sources of law, common law, federal and state law, ethics, and an analysis of case law and application as it relates to the ethical business practices. Students will also become familiar with the lawsuit process, rights and remedies. Students will respond in class-discussion format that will demonstrate knowledge of concepts and legal principles, and be able to interpret, apply and evaluate the framework in business environments. At the conclusion of this course, students will have a basic understanding of the law, with emphasis on legal applications and substantive areas of law most meaningful in business, industry and the professions.
BU 399 Equine Business Junior Seminar
1 credit (CS)

Juniors in the Equine Business Management specialization will engage in discussions regarding preparation for their senior year and internships, postgraduate preparation discussions and activities, including analysis and reflection of what they have accomplished and how to further apply their knowledge in the future. Development and refinement of professional resumes (suitable for their major and goals), portfolios and interviewing techniques, preliminary graduate school discussion, and transitioning to the workforce, both professionally and personally, are covered. Required Prerequisites: Junior standing
BU 401 International Business
3 credits (CS)

This course examines the environments in which American companies exist today from a global perspective. Topics discussed are competition, distribution, economics, socio-cultural forces, finance, natural resources, labor and politics, and their influence on the global manager.
BU 411 Introduction to Financial Management  
3 credits (CS)

The course presents problems and procedures of financial management, including planning and controlling capital needs. Financial planning, analysis and measurements, and the impact of budgets on human factors are addressed. The course utilizes case-method and problem-solving techniques.  Prerequisites: AC 331 Financial Accounting, and AC 332 Managerial Accounting
BU 413 Entrepreneurship
3 credits (CS)

This course explores the opportunities for individuals considering entrepreneurship. The course will focus on entrepreneurial ventures in business, product development, and service industries. Focus will be on the steps necessary to compete in competitive markets as an entrepreneur.
BU 431 Leadership
3 credits (CS)

This course examines the special qualities, knowledge, and skills that separate leadership from management. Motivational techniques, ethics, vision and appropriate styles are discussed. Role playing simulation exercises are explored. Student must pass with a "C" or better. Prerequisite: BU 110 Principles of Management
BU 442 Comparative and International Marketing
3 credits (CS)

This course covers issues in world trade as applied to consumer products, and international sales and manufacturing practices. Students acquire awareness of the environmental and managerial aspects of U.S. and foreign export and import markets.  Prerequisites: BU 120 Principles of Marketing and HG 335 International Trade and Economics
BU 451 Fashion Buying and Merchandise Planning
3 credits (CS)

This course presents a balance of theory, retail math skills application, and entry-level decision making, as well as Excel templates, and the opportunity to use either the Internet or other current examples of issues in retail. The course approaches the topic of retail planning and forecasting in a way that gives students the experience of creating a six-month plan and understanding its inner workings, relationships, and practical applications, yet remains rooted in basic retail theory. Prerequisites: Math Elective, FM 250 Fashion Merchandising, or permission of instructor
BU 473 Business Research Methods
3 credits (CS)

Students study various research methods and applications of research to business. Emphasis is placed on demographics and psychographics and on the critical analysis and interpretation of research as a tool for decision making. Student must pass with a "D" or better. Prerequisites: BU 120 Principles of Marketing, SB 120 Introduction to Psychology, and SM 261 Statistics
BU 475 Marketing Research
3 credits (CS)

Students study various methods and applications of marketing research as related to sales, buying and distribution. Emphasis is placed on demographics and psychographics, and on the critical analysis and interpretation of marketing research as a tool for decision making in retailing and merchandising. Students prepare a research report for a client. Student must pass with a "C" or better. Prerequisite: BU 120 Principles of Marketing, SB 120 Introduction to Psychology, SM 261 Statistics Co-requisite: BU 301 SPSS
BU 481 Business Management Internship
3 credits (CS)

Experiential learning is a priority of the business management program and all majors must pursue at least one business management internship. On-the-job experience may be obtained in such areas as marketing, banking, sales, accounting, human resource management, stable management, nonprofit organizations, sport management and many others. Students submit a Learning Agreement, outlining objectives and activities for the internship experience, and keep a log of experiences, responsibilities and successes. Students also meet in a weekly seminar with faculty internship coordinators. Final projects and displays for the Annual Internship Expo are negotiated with specific internship instructors. In order to enroll, students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and have completed 90 credits toward their degree. Students must pass with a "C" or better.
BU 495 Senior Capstone
3 credits (CS)

This course is a study of policy-making from a case approach. It utilizes and integrates knowledge and skills from business and related disciplines in problem analysis and decision making. This is the Capstone course for the management degrees. In order to enroll in these courses students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5, have completed 90 credits, or permission of the program director. Student must pass with a "C" or better and student cannot concurrently enroll with BU 473 or BU 475. (Offered spring term)   Prerequisites: Senior standing, BU 110 Principles of Marketing, EN 201 Academic Writing II, IM 120 Introduction to Computers, SM 261 Statistics
BU 499 Equine Business Senior Seminar
1-3 credits (CS)

This course involves conversations regarding each student’s personal and professional goals following graduation. Time is spent discussing skills in job searching and interviewing as well as financial planning for post-graduation preparation. Students develop and gather materials for use in the professional career portfolios.  Prerequisites: BU 475/473, IM 325