Studio Art: Photography

Studio Art - Photography major imageBachelor of Fine Arts
The Photography concentration is professionally geared to prepare the next generation of photographic image makers with broad knowledge and experience of photographic techniques and concepts. The concentration will prepare students for careers in photo journalism, fine art photography, and commercial photography, or for further study in graduate school. Our concentration is notable for its highly individualized instruction made possible by small class sizes and dedicated faculty. Students enjoy working in our state-of-the-art photo facilities located in Reisman Hall. In addition to studio courses such as Studio Photography, Alternative Processes, Color Photo, On Assignment, and Large Format Photography, students take Digital Imaging, Portfolio Preparation, and complete a Photography Internship.

Each student also completes a year-long senior project during which he or she works closely with a carefully chosen professional mentor who is experienced in the area of photographic specialization most relevant to each student’s interest. Many students participate in study abroad opportunities.

Our curriculum encourages students to integrate their photography interests with interdisciplinary liberal arts studies, as well as various minors that may complement their interests and provide additional career opportunities. Our goal, which is unique among colleges and universities, is for students to develop comprehensive/interdisciplinary knowledge of the arts while also gaining the tools to market their skills in today’s competitive global economy.
Photography students study in Reisman Hall, which houses expansive black/white and color darkrooms, a lighting studio and digital photography facilities.

After graduation our Photography students have found success in:
  • Fine art photography—exhibiting and selling work
  • Arts administration, including directing professional galleries or other positions within galleries and museums, theaters, performing arts organizations, and other cultural agencies
  • Teaching photography at the K-12 through college level
  • Artist residencies, writing and getting grants
  • Portrait, wedding and fashion photography
  • Photojournalism and documentary photography
  • Graduate studies in such areas as art education, studio art, photography, art therapy, art history and theory

Course (Credits)
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: 
      SA 498  Senior Project: Research and Development (3)
   Senior Capstone: SA 499 Senior Project: Thesis Exhibition (3)
Art & Sciences Courses
   Course (Credits)     
   FA 111    Art History I (3)
   FA 112    Art History II (3)
   FA 125    History and Contemporary Trends in Photography (3)
   FA 210    Art of the World (3)
   FA 401    Contemporary Development in the Arts (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits -15
Career Courses   
   Course (Credits)     
   SA 111    Drawing: Perception/Observation (3)
   SA 132    Structuring Human Space (3)
   SA 131    Design + Color Theory (3)
   SA 161    Photography I (3)
   SA 162    Photography II  (3)
   SA 168    Time, Movement and Narrative (3)
   SA 263    Digital Photography (3)
   SA 261    Studio Photography (3)
   SA 276    Computer Imaging (3)
   SA 361/415    Site and Space OR Graphic Forms (3)
   SA 320    On Assignment: Editorial, Location and 
      Documentary Photography  (3)
   SA 325    Large Format Photo & Fine Printing (3)
   SA 365    Alternative Processes (3)
   SA 393    Internship Prep. (1) 
   FA 371    Research Topics in the Visual Arts (3)
   FA 471    Advanced Research Topics in the Visual Arts (3)
   SA 381    Internship  (3)
   SA 493    Professional Practices and Portfolio (3)
   SA/FA 309    Special Topics in the Arts (3)
Total Career Program Credits - 55
Open Electives 
   Course (Credits)        
   100-400 level  (9)
   300/400 level  (3)
Total Open Elective Credits - 12       

Contact Information

Sarah Stonefoot
Assistant Professor and Program Director
Reisman Hall 005
(315) 655-7679
E-mail: sgstonefoot

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