Management: Accounting

Management Accounting

Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Accounting specialization prepares students for business careers that are accounting-oriented, such as: financial analyst, business manager, management accountant, financial consultant, financial planner, or broker. The program is designed so students can gain a proficiency in both accounting and business-related courses.

This program is fully accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.  Visit to learn more about our accreditation status and to review the 2012-2013 Annual Report to IACBE.

Student Learning Goals:
    •    Prepare students for entry-level employment in financial-related disciplines;
    •    Prepare students for graduate-level work in business; and
    •    Prepare students for employment in Management Accounting.

Special Features:
The degree offers students the opportunity to procure employment in either business or accounting. An internship is required. Students are also prepared to pursue a master of business administration degree or enroll in additional education in order to pursue certification in accounting.

Career Options:
Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager
Benefits Specialist
Business Office Manager
Financial Analyst 
Financial Consultant
Management Accountant  
Payroll Supervisor