Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and is focused on human communication in spoken, written, and audio-visual forms, and the exploration of why people communicate as they do in various contexts. This field of study encompasses interpersonal, group, and organizational communication; multicultural communication; journalism; broadcasting; media studies; persuasion; advocacy and debate; and effective speaking.

The program includes course work in each of these areas along with opportunities for application of skills in journalism, multi-platform media production, independent academic research and related internships. Our objective is to provide a flexible degree option for students who seek a range of graduate study and career opportunities.

Student Learning Goals
Our goal is for all graduates in the Communication Studies program to:
  • Speak and listen well in a variety of contexts.
  • Produce excellent written work in a variety of formats.
  • Understand and apply empathy in communication.
  • Understand the role of advocacy in our society and advocate effectively before both large and small groups.
  • Complete a core of liberal studies course work to be well rounded and informed about the world.
  • Be media literate and competent to produce and interpret a variety of mass-media forms.
  • Be critical, thoughtful, and ethically engaged producers and consumers of communication and media content.
  • Possess a flexible and marketable skill set.
  • Have an excellent foundation for graduate study, particularly in the areas of communication, media, public policy, and law.