Human Services: Alcohol/Substance Abuse

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Bachelor of Science

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse concentration provides students with an overview of counseling and support services for this population. The curriculum addresses the history of human services related to alcohol and substance abuse treatment, past and current theoretical approaches, and the rehabilitation trends in the field. Upon successful completion of this degree, students will fulfill the Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) education requirements for future certification as a New York State Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor.

• Provide the students with an understanding of issues related to alcohol and substance abuse;
• Develop counseling skills related to this population;
• Develop an understanding of treatment and rehabilitation approaches; and
• Prepare students for professional counseling and treatment environment.

Special Features:
Two internships (160 hours each) in alcohol and substance abuse treatment/ counseling settings based on the students interests, experience and academic preparation.

Program Requirements:
• Students must earn a minimum grade of a "C" in each 100-200 level Human Services course;
• Students must have earned at least 30 academic hours and have the permission of the Human Services Program Director to be eligible for an internship;
• Students may repeat any Human Services course in which they earned less than a "C". Students who earn less than a "C" on the second attempt may not continue in the program; and
• Students must complete 12 hours in an alcohol and substance abuse internship.

   Course (Credits)
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
   SB 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
   Senior Capstone: HS 499 Senior Capstone (3)
Total General Education Credits - 39

Art & Sciences Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   HU 465 Ethical Values in Organizations (3)
   SB 120 Introduction to Psychology (3) 
   SB 130 Introduction to Sociology (3)
   SB 231 Social Problems (3)
   SB 265 Alcohol and Drugs in Modern Society (3)
   SB 323 Abnormal Psychology (3)
   SB 327 Brain and Behavior (3)
   SB 333/335/301/436 Human Rights and Genocide/
      Comparative SocialInstitutions in U.S./
      Models of Society/Class, Status and Power (3)
   SB 336 Social Welfare Policies (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 27

Career Studies Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   HS 110 Introduction to Human Services (3)
   HS 134 Introduction to Alcohol and Substance Abuse (3)
   HS 240 Introduction to Counseling (3)
   HS 331 Group Dynamics (3)
   HS 341 Counseling Theories (3)
   HS 344 Intervention Strategies for Alcohol and Substance Abuse (3)
   HS 284 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Internship (6)
   HS 384 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Internship (6)
   HS 431 Rehabilitation Services (3)
   HS 475 Program Planning and Evaluation (3)
Total Career Program Credits - 36


Open Electives
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (18)
Total Open Elective Credits - 18



Contact Information:

Mary Handley
Professor and Program Director, Human Services
242 Williams Hall
Phone: (315) 655-7131
Email: mhandley

Ann Sheedy
Assistant Professor
Williams Hall 243
(315) 655-7326
Email: alsheedy

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