Bachelor's Degree in International Studies

International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that permits students to complete a challenging and diverse curriculum in a variety of academic areas. The International Studies Bachelor of Arts degree program makes use of the expertise of faculty from a broad array of academic disciplines including the social sciences, history, human services, environmental studies, studio art, visual communications, English, communications and business.

Student Learning Goals:
  • Demonstrate understanding of the historical and structural issues underlying contemporary international issues
  • Engage with international issues at both the micro and macro levels
  • Understand the role of governments, NGOs, and other international non-state actors in response to global issues
  • Understand how to interact effectively with people of other cultures
Program Requirements:
Foreign Language: International Studies majors need to achieve basic conversant skills in a language other than English. Basic conversant skills are defined as the equivalent of four semesters of college study at the beginning and intermediate levels. This may be gained by studying Spanish at Cazenovia College, passing a proficiency language test equivalent to four semesters of a language, being a native speaker of a foreign language, or studying foreign language at other institutions or in other countries. The language requirement may also be met through a combination of multiple languages. All credits associated with language learning are elective credits.

Internships: Students need to complete an internship. For a 6-credit internship, students must complete 240 hours. Students may choose to complete an internship through short-term intersession or summer abroad programs, the Washington Internship Institute, or a variety of organizations that have a global focus. Students may choose to complete their internships in the U.S. or abroad, through the Washington Internship Institute or in collaboration with the Center for Career and Extended Learning Services.