International Studies

Cazenovia College International Studies program
Bachelor of Arts

International Studies (INST) is an interdisciplinary major and minor program that permits students to complete a challenging and diverse curriculum in a variety of academic areas. The International Studies program makes use of the expertise of faculty from a broad array of academic disciplines including the social sciences, history, human services, environmental studies, studio art, visual communications, English, communications and business.

• To encourage students to critically analyze and develop a broad understanding of international issues
• To prepare students for careers in international affairs, development, non-governmental organizations, and domestic organizations with an international focus.
• To have students become ethical citizens in the global community

Program Requirements:
Foreign Language: International Studies majors need to achieve basic conversant skills in a language other than English. Basic conversant skills are defined as the equivalent of four semesters of college study at the beginning and intermediate levels. This may be gained by studying Spanish or French at Cazenovia College, passing a proficiency language test equivalent to four semesters of a language, being a native speaker of a foreign language, or studying foreign language at other institutions or in other countries. The language requirement may also be met through a combination of multiple languages. All credits associated with language learning are elective credits.

International Experience: All International Studies students need to participate in a study abroad program, short-term field study or internship, or an appropriate alternative experience. Students should contact the Internship Office with the Career Services Office for information on the College‘s policies and procedures related to international travel. In unusual circumstances, this requirement may be met by documenting previous international experience as determined by the program director.

Internships: Students need to complete an internship. For a 6 credit internship, students must complete 240hours. Students may choose to complete an internship through short-term intersession or summer abroad programs, the Washington Internship Institute, or a variety of organizations that have a global focus. Local opportunities are available for which the student will need their own transportation.

   Course (Credits)
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
   SB 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
   Senior Capstone: SB 499 Capstone I- Applied: Senior Project (3)

Art & Sciences Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   HG 102 World Civilization Since 1550 (3)
   HG 131/132 Macroeconomics or Microeconomics (3)
   SB 250 Cultural Geography (3)
   SB 110 Introduction to Anthropology (3)
   HG 241/261 Comparative Government and Politics or
      Comparative Political Ideologies (3)
   HG/SB 301 Models of Society (3)
   5 INST Program Courses: CM 240, CM 410, EN 221, EN 351, FA 210,
      FA 311, HG 241, HG 261, HG 2/308, HG 310, HG 2/311, HG 2/312,
      HG 335, HG 358, HU 461, SB 231, SB 232, SB 311, SB 329, SB 333,
      SB 380, SB 401, SB 495, SM 311, SM 441
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 18-33

Career Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   SB 385 Internship (6)
   5 INST Program Courses: AC 331, AC 332, BU 305, HS 240, HS 345,
      SA 320, VC 174, VC 301.
Total Career Program Credits - 6-21


Arts and Sciences Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (21-36)
Total Arts & Sciences Elective Credits - 21-36

Open Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (3-18)
Total Open Elective Credits - 3-18



Contact Information:

Julia Sloan
Associate Professor, Social Science and Program Director, International Studies
203 Eddy Hall
Phone: (315) 655-7172
Email: jlsloan

Joy Fashu Kanu
Visiting Instructor
Eddy Hall 207
(315) 655-7258
Email: jfashukanu

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