Bachelor's Degree in Social Science

Social Science

The Social Science programs (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) give students a strong liberal arts education and foster skills that will prove valuable in other areas of advanced study and/or in the work force.  The majors permit students to complete a rigorous and diverse curriculum in the allied disciplines of history, economics, sociology, and political science.  Students are given the opportunity to include a more global aspect to their studies, including anthropological and regional courses that focus on Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  The programs are designed so that students are able to minor in areas of their choosing or select electives that help to prepare them for graduate school in the social sciences, law, or teaching.  Students interested in law or teaching would work closely with the Program Director in choosing the proper electives or minor to prepare them for advanced study.

Student Learning Goals:
    • Increase student knowledge of their social surroundings, and apply that knowledge to a larger, global context.
    • Increase student knowledge of their international surroundings, and apply that knowledge to a larger, global context.
    • Increase student proficiency in research and analytical writing in accordance with their disciplinary choice (e.g.: history, economics, political science) that allow them to defend a significant thesis.

Special Features:
  • Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree will complete a 150-hour internship.  Internship placement is determined by the Social Science Program Director, the internship instructor, and the cooperating agency, based upon the student's interest and education preparation.  Sample internship sites include: U.S. Senatorial offices, K-12 public schools, social service or government agencies, law firms and local businesses. Students in the B.A. program may take an internship as an elective.
  • The College offers an Inclusive Adolescence Education Program which prepares students for New York State initial teacher certification in Adolescence Education, Social Studies (7-12) and in Teaching Students with Disabilities, (7-12).  For more information, please visit the web page for Inclusive Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12):