Policies & Procedures

The Witherill Library provides a safe and learning environment for all users. Open stacks encourage browsing on all three levels with materials that both support the curriculum and entice recreational reading. Materials not readily available at the library, however, can be obtained through interlibrary loan services. A broad selection of online databases via the Library Web Page augments the print collection and can be accessed throughout campus.

Outside Book Drop
There is a book drop located to the left of the library entrance. It is recommended that this be used only when the library is closed.

Books and Renewals
All main collection, young adult, juvenile and folio (oversized) books may be checked out for six weeks. DVDs and VHS tapes may be checked out for one week.  First, second and third year students are allowed to check out five items at time. Seniors may check out 10.  A current college I.D., or government issued photo I.D., works as your library card, and you must have your card with you to check out materials. You may renew items every six weeks until the end of the term, unless someone else places a hold on the item. Items are not automatically renewed. You may renew materials with either your I.D., or by bringing the books with you to the library.

Magazines are available in hardcopy, microfilm and electronic formats. Print and microfilm formats do not leave the library, but a photocopier is available for each format.

Fines and Bills
Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt anyone from overdue fines, replacement or processing charges. The fine schedule for overdue books is as follows: a 7-day grace period where no fines are imposed. From the 8th day to the 21st day, a flat fee of $3 per item is charged. On the 22nd day, the overdue item is considered lost and a flat fee of $50 per item is imposed along with a $10 late fee. All bills are payable at the Business Office. If the replacement cost for any item exceeds $50 the bill will be adjusted upwards. Should a lost item be returned after the 22nd day, the Business Office will be contacted and the $50 will be credited to your account but the $10 late fee will remain If you are certain that you have lost a book or other library material please contact the Circulation Supervisor before the 22 days are up and you will only be billed for the replacement cost and the late fee will be reduced to $5.  DVDs and VHS tapes have a one day grace period and have late fees of $1 per day. Fines and fees for InterLibrary Loan and ConnectNY materials are discussed on their respective pages, but are generally $110 per book.

Reserve Materials
Materials faculty members have reserved for your coursework are held at the Circulation Desk under the faculty member's last name. Faculty members determine the reserve status of the items put on reserve. Thus, items with orange cards do not leave the library but may be copied or used in the library for up to two hours. Items with blue cards may leave the library for two hours during the day. They may also go out overnight ½ hour before the library closes and must be returned ½ hour after the library opens the following day. Items not returned in a timely manner are subject to a late fine schedule of $1 for the first hour and $0.50 per item for each hour thereafter per item until returned. All reserve materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk and are not to be left on tables. A user is responsible for any reserve item signed out until it has been checked back in at the circulation desk.

Photocopy, Print Scanner, Microfilm Machines and the Microfilm Scanner
The library has two black and white copier/printers.  The library also has a scanner that can be utilized at no charge. Microfilm readers and a microfilm digital scanner are free of change. The college's printing policy states that all print jobs over 25 pages must be printed at the Campus Copy Shop.

Stationary Items
The library furnishes scrap paper to jot down call numbers, authors and titles of books and periodicals.  Scissors, a hole-punch and a stapler are positioned at a small table on the first floor.

Library Security and Vandalism
The library has an electronic security system. A $10 fine is imposed on anyone willfully circumventing the system. This includes the concealing of library materials in a coat or within a briefcase, handbag, backpack, etc. This is a ‘no excuses’ policy. Anyone seen attempting to exit the library by another exit will be subject to the same fine. Anyone seen with library material or suspected of concealing library material when exiting a non-standard exit and does not comply with a request to inspect personal belongings will be subject to a $100 fine and/or disciplinary action by the College and/or local police.

The willful destruction of library materials, including the tearing out or cutting out of a magazine or book pages will result in an automatic fine of $25 per item plus the replacement cost of the damaged materials. This might also result in disciplinary action by the College and/or local police. Vandalism can result in a police record if charges are pressed.