The Alex Hazard Show Debuts at Cazenovia College

Communication Studies major writes and produces talk show

The Alex Hazard ShowAlex Hazard is preparing for the big time in show business. He is a senior communication studies major who debuted his own television show this past spring, designed to build his professional portfolio.
Hazard includes elements of every variety of talk show: an opening monologue, a morning style segment similar to Kelly and Regis, a late show type interview, and Saturday Night Live style skit.  He says, “I’m fortunate that Cazenovia has a plethora of top-of-the-line technical equipment in various departments, including cameras and professional sound equipment from the Information, Communication and Technology Department; lighting from the photography department; and editing software in our visual communications computer labs.”
There are several Season 1 episodes of The Alex Hazard Show, taped in the College’s dining hall, on YouTube -  The show has played to standing room only audiences since its February debut. “I didn’t advertise the first show,” says Hazard. “I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. But there was a standing room only audience just from word-of-mouth on campus, and that trend has continued.”
Season 2 of The Alex Hazard Show (also viewable on YouTube) has continued this summer with Hazard filming episodes at a variety of locations on campus including Christakos Field, the Equine Education Center, and Constable Hall.
Hazard’s adviser, Dr. Andrew O’Baoill, assistant professor of communication studies, says, "Alex has used his internship opportunities not only to develop his practical skills, but to deepen his understanding of the industry in which he wants to work. I'm glad we are able to support his latest project with the A/V resources we've been developing in recent years."
Hazard has a production crew, but does the writing and editing, acts as production manager and directs the show. “Because I also have five classes this semester, I’m only planning one show a month,” he says. “Of course, I can throw in an extra one every now and then if the right opportunities come up.”
This summer Hazard is continuing to expand his broadcast portfolio. He plans a radio talk show, Jess and Alex in the Morning, to be broadcast on Cazenovia College’s radio station, WITC- 88.9 FM.  “My friend and fellow communication studies major, Jessica Green, will join me to discuss pop culture, local news, music and lots of fun banter,” he laughs.

For future television broadcasts, Hazard hopes to feature College trustees, major donors and alumni. He says, “There are so many people who have a lot to do with the College; I think my show can help them realize how much they play a part in the success of students like me.”