Who's Coming

If you have lost touch with a classmate or would like to reconnect with someone on the list below, please contact Shari Whitaker in the Office of Alumni Relations at 315.655.7332 or sswhitaker@cazenovia.edu

The following is a list of alumni who plan to attend REUNION 2014. Please check back regularly as the list will continue to grow!!

See below for a list of faculty and staff who will also be attending.


1949     65th Honored Year

Nancy Howard Howland
Sally Rollins Meinweiser (Class Agent)
Jayne Yates

Donna Brown Lacy

1959     55th Honored Year
Judith Bond Clarke (Class Agent)
Mary Burton Thompson (Class Agent)

1964    50th Honored Year
Sally Peck Kline
Stephanie Kravec
Marcia Hoffman Machemer (Class Agent)
Carolyn Loeffler Sterner (Class Agent)

1969     45th Honored Year
Laurie Clute
Nancy LeValley Farley
Anne Gold Gleason
Liza Morton Gossett
Marjorie Dobin Miller
Susan Braidwood Rademacher

Susan Wadsworth Norte
Wendy Smith
Mary "MJ" Kilian Walker

1974     40th Honored Year
Jane "Kit" Wright Spohn (Class Agent)

1984     30th Honored Year
Brenda Bolliver Flanders
Laura Crolick Kibby (Class Agent)
Lisa Giovanini Kurtz
Carmela Zelko MacKenzie
Michele Austin Oakley

Crystal Wright Farrell

1989     25th Honored Year
Raquel Aponte (Class Agent)
Brian Gallagher (Class Agent)

1994     20th Honored Year
Dacia Banks (Class Agent)

1999     15th Honored Year
Michael Robilotto (Class Agent)

2004     10th Honored Year
Renee Banks (Class Agent)

2009     5th Honored Year
Courtney Stewart (Class Agent)

Sarah Miller

Ashlea Osborne

Faculty and Staff