2013 Summer Art Series Exhibition

Neal H. Allen, West Winfield, NY

Adirondack Afternoon, 2011
Reclamation, 2012
Sailor's Delight

Jane Woodruff Carroll, Cazenovia, NY

Sketch - Caz College Student
(on loan from Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shanley)

Virginia Clapp, Frankfort, NY

Fishing Shacks at Natashquan, 2012
Autumn Hues, 2011
Big Sur, 2012

Linda Cohen, Dewitt, NY

Four at Meadowbrook
Papaya on a Blue Plate
South Down the Pond, 2012

Ann S. Cross, Cazenovia, NY

Green Flash, 2009
Mostly Red, 2011
River Birch, 2012

Deborah Dahlin, Liverpool, NY

Poppy, 2013
Maia Age Two, 2013
Color Explosion, 2013

Barbara Delmonico, Skaneateles, NY

Browsing, 2013
Cove at Sunset, 2013
Lavender Blue, 2011

Deborah Florentino Dlugolecki, Liverpool, NY

River in Riparius
Field Stones
Turtle Pond

Suzanne Dunn, Dewitt, NY

Viscera, 2013
Lipstick2, 2012
George, 11, 2013

Roscha Folger, Manlius, NY

no image available
Cherry Valley View, 2008
no image available
Peony, 2010
no image available
Long Time Residents, 2008

Nicora Gangi, Syracuse, NY

Fruit Insight, 2010

Diana Godfrey, Syracuse, NY

Valley, 2008
Verdant, 2008
Memories, 2008

Cheryl A. Gressani, Syracuse, NY

Detour, 2012
Lilies for Ciccio, 2011

Richard D. Harris, Syracuse, NY

Spring Bouquet, 2003
(on loan from the Collection of
Gerard Moses & J.T. Lee)
Gerbera Daisies in Black Vase, 2003
(on loan from the Collection of
Gerard Moses & J.T. Lee)

Wendy Harris, Syracuse, NY

Cloud Study #1, 2012
Cloud Study #2, 2012
Cloud Study #3, 2012

David Hicock, Syracuse, NY

At the Holmes Pub,
an hour from life, 2012
Self Portrait, summer color, 2012
Apple and Eve,
an hour from life, 2012

Sally Hootnick, Manlius, NY

Radish Study
Radish Study, 2012
Pot of Tulips
Pot of Tulips, 2012
Roses on My Counter
Roses on My Counter, 2013

Beth Houston-Barnholdt, North Syracuse, NY

Birthday Mums, 2013
Pennsylvania Farm, 2013
Heirloom Pitcher, 2013

Donna Kistler, Utica, NY

no image available
Mums, 2012

Linda Lemay, Cazenovia, NY

no image available
Mums and Protia in Blue Vase, 2009
no image available
Toby, 2007
no image available
Still Life with Guitar, 2007

Lacey McKinney, Syracuse, NY


Adriana M. Meiss, Syracuse, NY

Dragonfly Heaven, 2012
Daybreak, 2012
Cirrus Cloud, 2011

Sylvia Needel, Canastota, NY

Beach Umbrellas, 2012
Deadhorse Creek 2 – Glen Canyon, Colorado, 2007
Hanging Lake Outflow – Glen Canyon, Colorado, 2007

Mary Padgett, New Woodstock, NY

End of Summer Bouquet, 2012
Trout Plate, 2013
Daffodils, 2013

Paul Riccardi, Syracuse, NY

Red and Yellow Tulips, 2012
Cape May Sunrise, 2012
Two Pears, 2009

Elaine Rubenstein, Cazenovia, NY

Be Dazzled, 2013
Ancient Spanish Yew, 2011
Blaquarium, 2013

James Bruce Schwabach, Ilion, NY

Light on the Canal 2, 2013
Dusk, Yosemite Mystical Tree
and Half Dome, 2012
Lobsterboat, Seascape, Monhegan Island, 2011

Daniel Shanahan, Syracuse, NY

no image available
Last Days of the Maloozkanov, 2008
no image available
Love Potion No. 9, 2009
no image available
Vroom, 2009

Greg Trombly, Baldwinsville, NY

Shellscape, 2012
Fall Splendor, 2009
Ski Tracks, 2010

Barbara Vural, Syracuse, NY

Farmer's Market, 2013
Spanish Queen, 2013
On Salt Springs, 2013

Summer Session I - July

  • Summer Term Begins
    May 20 2015
  • Memorial Day Holiday
    May 25 2015
  • Summer Term Ends
    Jul 1 2015