Sep 15 2014
Blog: Canterbury

  A group of students joined by Associate Professor, Jen Pepper, travel to Canterbury, England to study abroad for the fall semester. 
Sep 11 2014
Sierra Szwec
Students enrolled in the first year seminar, 100 Days, 100 Photos learned how to take a photograph with forced perspectives. The control is all in that camera angle.  To check out more of the work they are making this semester head over to tumblr and search #caz100. 
Sep 8 2014

The Faculty Exhibition OPENS in the Art Gallery in Reisman Hall
May 13 2014

Hannah Morse (Class of 2010) has had an exciting spring! Not only will she be completing her MFA in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but she was also featured as an Emerging Photographer at PDN.  David Carol reviewed her work 'The Fifth Stage', describing her work as 'fascinating, revealing, insightful and important'.  You can head over to PDN to read the entire interview at: and see more of Hannah's work on her website.  All images © Hannah Morse. 

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