Best Thing Yet!

October 31, 2013 - 9:29am -- jlsloan
Ashley Fikes - It's extremely difficult to say what has been the best thing yet since so much of what I do on a daily basis is amazing.  Just standing outside and looking at the peaking spires of the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral is an experience.  But, thanks to my high interest in fashion, I would have to admit the best thing yet is shopping.  Every time I go out to shop even if it's at a store that we would have in America like H&M I think to myself, "wow I'm buying clothes in Europe; this is every girl's ultimate dream come true."  I love observing how their styles are different or similar to ours and the adventure of going to foreign retailers.  So far I've been shopping in England, Belgium, and in a week - Paris.  We still have approximately a month and a half left here; that gives me plenty of time to add to the list.

Ashley Thayer - When I originally decided to write a blog for this week's topic, Best Thing Yet, I honestly thought to myself, "this will be a stroll in the park," but I began to realize that the more brainstorming I did in order to narrow my views down into one main idea to discuss, the more difficult it became.  What exactly was the best thing I have experienced since arriving in England?  And then it hit me.  It wasn't the night life, the shopping, or cultural differences I have been experiencing, but the close friendships that I have been able to create since living with five different individuals from a different country.  My housemates and I have formed an inseparable bond with one another; almost as if we were family.  We can go to each other whenever need be, whether it is for a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, or just to have someone to talk with.  The friendships that I have been able to form with my housemates are long-term friendships that I know I will never forget.

Justine Harrington - For a fashion major, one of the best things yet had to be Student Discount Shopping Night in the Whitefriar's shopping area in Canterbury at the beginning of October.  Many stores in town offer a student discount (about 10% off) regularly and close around six o'clock in the evening.  However, on Student Discount Shopping Night, some stores were offering discounts from 15% to 30% off and were open until 9 pm.  In order to participate, students had to register for a wristband online beforehand or at kiosks around town.

My other best thing yet was visiting Windsor Castle.  For anyone that has any interest in royalty, Windsor is a must-see.  The opulent rooms filled with collections of fine china, artworks, and jeweled antique weapons are held in rooms with magnificent architecture.  I could not stop staring at all of the intricate ceilings in the palace.  There is also a room with a large dollhouse that contains real silver, miniature works of art and literature, and running water.  The Queen was also expected to be arriving at the castle later in the day.

Casey Jones - My new flatmate Andy and I had been running into problems with the other flatmate, Jack.  Despite our constant requests to take out the rubbish (trash), Jack would never do it despite it being his job for the week.  Whenever he would do it, he always convinced some fool to help him.  Our frustration built up, and almost reached a boiling point when one weekend we realized that not only had Jack left for the weekend, but he had left his bedroom door unlocked.  Realizing the opportunity upon us, my flatmate decided to do the best thing ever:  tinfoil his entire room.  Immediately my friends and I set off for Asda (their Wal-Mart) and we bought almost 500 meters of tinfoil.  Over the next two days we slowly and meticulously wrapped almost all of Jack's possessions in tinfoil.  From individually wrapping each of his Tic-Tacs (and then the whole package itself) to taking his shoes, mismatching them, and then tinfoiling them together, we proceeded to use almost all the tinfoil we had bought.  Then, as the icing on the cake of his master plan, Andy locked Jack's door from the inside, climbed out the window, closed his curtains, and then used a piece of string to shut and lock the window. 

Jack's reaction was priceless.  The only words he could say when he opened his door were "Oh... I thought I had locked my door."  But to make the entire thing even better was his mom's reaction.  Not only did she find it hilarious, she shouted out "Classic!"  This was just simply the best thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life and definitely the best thing that has happened so far since coming to England.