Funny experiences with the language barrier

November 19, 2013 - 8:47am -- jlsloan
My funniest experience with the language barrier was in Italy.  We had been searching for a place to eat for an hour.  We walked into a small mom and pop shop and tried to order.  Everything was in Italian with pictures and the man running the shop spoke only Italian.  We were taking too long to decide apparently and he started waving his arms and shouting at us in Italian.  We were pretty sure that he was saying either hurry up and order or get out.  So we left. - Jenna Kraeger

The funniest thing that happened with the language barrier was when I went to Italy.  I saw on the map that there was an ice bar in town, so I decided to look up the phone number and make reservations.  I didn't know how to work the hotel phone, so I ended up calling the front desk 3 times instead of the ice bar.  The poor guy at the front desk was very confused and told me he didn't understand American slang, because I kept asking if this was the ice bar.  Needless to say when I checked out a few days later, he recognized my American accent right away and knew exactly who I was.  Oops! - Sarah Ferguson

The most unexpected part of my visit to Italy was that (mostly) everyone spoke English.  I tried to speak Italian when we got there and felt like a fool after speaking very poor Italian to the bus driver and his response was "I speak English."  Fail! - Cassie Smock