Merry Old England

November 28, 2013 - 8:43am -- jlsloan
While the students have been enjoying traveling in Europe and writing about their adventures there, our home away from home, Canterbury, and the rest of England have offered a lot of great experiences too.

The beauty and grandeur of Canterbury Cathedral never cease to amaze.  And the great thing is, you can see it from all over town and get glimpses of it when walking home from class or to the grocery store.

The CCCU-sponsored weekend trip to Oxford, Bath, and Stonehenge was great too and afforded lots of photo-ops.

In the photo below, Ashley Fikes, Cassie Smock, and Sarah Ferguson model their Oxford University t-shirts while Travis Duffy makes takes advantage of the television available in the hotel.  (No t.v. in Parham.)

Stonehenge, in addition to inspiring reverence for its significance as a World Heritage Site with much to tell archeologists and historians about ancient peoples, also inspired much fun with photography (including sometimes with random strangers from foreign countries).