What we're looking forward to at home...

December 12, 2013 - 8:37am -- jlsloan
It is with mixed emotions that we prepare to leave Canterbury.  Here are some of the people/things/experiences we are looking forward to getting back to.

Sarah Ferguson - I'm looking forward to seeing my family, my dogs, my friends, eating at Panera and American Netflix on an actual TV instead of my laptop.

Renee Johnson - Family, Olive Garden, boyfriend, sitting on a couch to hang out, watching TV, Moe's, chicken wings

Heather Ballantyne - I am looking forward to my dog and fish, family, home cooked food, lacrosse.

Cassandra Jones - I will be looking forward to sesame chicken, apple cider, the snow, watching sports on TV, watching TV, my X-box, games, peace and quiet, the culture.

Anon - I look forward to the moment I go through the arrival gates and see my family and boyfriend.  I also can't wait for Moe's Southwest Grill and my pugs.

Sonja Skalecki - I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and boyfriend again.  Parents and cats too, of course.  It will be a requirement to dedicate a full day to X-box when I get back.  I never thought I could miss my bed so much.

Elle Boone - Things I have missed back home:  my family and friends, driving, grandma's Sunday dinners, my bath tub, electric blanket, closet, flavored creamers, straight forward guys, Destiny USA mall, dollars being cheaper, Gucci perfume.

Cassie Smock - What I'm anticipating at home...  My family and dog hands down.  We are all so close and this is the longest I've gone without seeing ANY of them.  Wegman's is another thing I can't wait to be reunited with.  Other than that I'm dreading leaving England.

Sara Martone - When I go back, I'm looking forward to being with my family, friends, and animals.

Ashley Fikes - The departure will be depressing but, I can't wait to eat my mom's amazing cooking and Swiss Miss hot chocolate.  I know when I get home I'll be surrounded by a winter wonderland, Christmas tree, and snuggling with my dog next to the fireplace.  I doubt the reverse culture shock will affect me much.

Rachael Seider - When I go home I will be excited to see all my family and friends.  I haven't seen most of my friends in over 8 months.  I look forward to Christmas and New Year's and telling everyone about England and Europe.  I look forward to taking a walk on my favorite street in Hudson:  Warren Street.  I will enjoy being by the river and going to my favorite shops and restaurants.  I look forward to using my money in US dollars and avoiding a huge conversion rate.  I look forward to seeing my pets again.  I miss my cat and guinea pig and it will be nice to see them again.  I look forward to my own house and bedroom.  I'm excited to be able to drive again.  I'm surprised I miss it and my car so much.  I look forward to having a job again.

Ashley Thayer - As sad as I am to leave England I am honestly really excited to be reunited with my family, friends, and puppy.  I am curious to see how much has changed culturally over the course of three months.  Although I look at my housemates as family, I look forward to being able to go home and spend the holiday with loved ones.

Travis Duffy - I am excited when I get back to go to Taco Bell and just the fun of people watching at Wal-Mart.

Lara Sibi - Looking forward to coming home to:  family, friends, Christmas, snow, Panera, watching TV shows live, US outlets, dryer, taking 5 minutes to walk to campus, home-cooked food, buttered popcorn.

Paige Clark - Looking forward to:  Panera, sushi, Chipotle, pizza, Chinese, nephew and niece, family, apple pie, dryer, no currency exchange, normal American hair appliances, having transportation, no fear of being arrested for watching movies online, snow/Christmas, my friends, cell service.