For Students

What is Blackboard?
Is a Web-based course management system that allows instructors to add resources to their course for students to access online or to participate in online classes. Because Blackboard is on the web, students can access their course materials any time, any place that has an internet connection.

Am I required to use Blackboard?
Whether you use Blackboard or not will depend on if your instructor is using it for your class. Your instructor will let you know if they will be using Blackboard and will provide directions on how to access the Blackboard course site.

What Web browser do you recommend using to access Blackboard?
  • Window Users: XP/Vista (32/64 bit) Internet Explorer 7/8 or Firefox 3.5/3.6
  • Window Users: Windows 7 Internet 8 or Firefox 3.6
  • Macintosh Users: OSX 10.5/10.6 Safari 4.0/3.x or Firefox 3.5/3.6
  • Please see Techinical Requirements for addtional information.
How do I get a Blackboard Account?
All currently registered Cazenovia College students have a Blackboard user account. To access your course on Blackboard, you will need to know your username and password. Your username is the same as the one you use to login to CazNET. Your instructor will provide your password to login. If you cannot access Blackboard, contact the ICT Support Desk in Hubbard Hall by calling 315.655.7777 for assistance.

What if I forgot or need to change my password?
If you forgot your password you have several options to change it:
  1. Click the Forgot Password? link on the Blackboard login screen; follow instructions to change it.
  2. Ask your instructor if they can change it for you.
  3. Send an email to support (add or call our ICT Support Desk at 315.655.7777 to request to have your password changed.
How do I login to Blackboard?
  • After you have logged into CazNET, click on the Blackboard icon in the upper right corner. You will be required to login separately OR
  • Click Blackboard Login

When I try to access Blackboard, I receive a login error message.
Confirm you are entering the correct username and password. Your username is the same as the one you use to login to CazNET. If you continue to have problems logging in and cannot access your course(s), please visit the ICT Support Desk located in Hubbard Hall with your student ID for assistance.

I am unable to connect to Blackboard. What is wrong?
If you attempt to connect your web browser to Blackboard and you receive a message stating site unknown, cannot find server, unable to locate the server or something similiar, there are a few things you can check before reporting a problem:
  • You may have mistyped the web address. Try retyping it; the correct address is
  • If you are connecting from off-campus (from home or other location), there may be a network problem between you and the Blackboard server on campus.
  • If you are able to log into CazNET and view information except Blackboard, the Blackboard server may be temporarily unavailable. Try to connect again later. If you still have trouble connecting, contact the ICT Support Desk in Hubbard Hall by calling 315.655.7777 for assistance.
I don't see my class listed when I log into Blackboard.
The course may not be available yet or you are not enrolled in the course. In either case, please contact your instructor to verify the course is available and/or you are enrolled in the course.

My instructor said that their course documents are available, how do I access them?
Once you login to Blackboard, click on the name of your course to access the course home page. From the naviagation menu on the left, click either Course Documents, Course Information or your instructor may have renamed the links specifically for their course. You should see the documents listed from your instructor.