About Your CazCard

Obtaining Your Card

New Students:
During Summer Orientation, students will have an opportunity to have their picture taken and will receive their ID Card at the check-in process on moving in day. If you did not have your picture taken during this time, you will be directed to Campus Services where you can have your picture taken and receive your ID Card.

Returning Students:
If you forgot or lost your CazCard, you will need to pay the $25.00 replacement fee for a new card.

New Employees:
After Human Resources has received your completed paper work, they will send a request to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to have a Cazenovia College account created for you to log into our network. This process also includes activation into the CazCard system. You can stop in the Campus Services office (located at 7 Nickerson Street) to have your picture taken for your ID Card.

Current Employees:
If you have lost your CazCard, you can visit the Campus Services Office to request a new one.

Replacing Your Card

Lost/Stolen Card

If your CazCard is lost or stolen, please follow these steps immediately:

  1. Check with Campus Safety to see if your card has been turned in. Their office is located in Hubbard Hall or call them at 315.655.7271.

  2. If Campus Safety does not have it, stop by the Campus Services Office, located at 7 Nickerson Street, to get a new CazCard.

  3. A replacement card can be obtained for a fee of $25.00.

Photo Requirements:

  • No hats or head coverings can be worn
  • No sunglasses

Do Not:

  • ... punch a hole in your ID card. Please use the card holder provided to new students at the beginning of the semester.