Human Resources

Cazenovia College employee Kate Lincoln

Kate Lincoln '08
Admissions Counselor

"I really enjoy working for a place and a community that I fell in love with from the moment I stepped on campus."
Cazenovia College employee Mike Brooks

Michael Brooks '01
Director of Athletics

"I'm at home in Cazenovia, ready to play my part in mentoring students, reaching out to alumni and participating in making Cazenovia College an even better place to learn, work and play."
Cazenovia College employee Sharon Dettmer

Sharon Dettmer
Dean of the Faculty

"At Cazenovia College, I have learned what a privilege it is to be able to teach and interact with committed students who are realizing their potential to change the world."
The mission of the Human Resources Office at Cazenovia College is to attract and retain highly qualified and dedicated employees whose work will benefit the students, the College, and the wider society, as well as themselves.  This is accomplished through the provision of an environment that embraces and encourages strong leadership, diversity, integrity, community, learning, accountability, tradition and excellence for all of our employees. Through this fundamental belief, Cazenovia College is able to continuously meet and exceed our collective main goal of providing quality higher education.

The Human Resources Office is also here to provide leadership in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive structure of programs, practices, services, administrative systems and communication strategies to attract, hire, retain, support and develop employees.

The quality of our own staff is as important at preserving the standard of education as is the quality of our faculty and students. To ensure that continued quality, we strive to provide an environment where each employee is treated as an important contributor and is able to, and encouraged to, continue to learn and grow.

This section provides current and useful information regarding employment, policies and Human Resource services to the Cazenovia College community, as well as to prospective applicants. If you would like more information regarding a service not listed on this page, please call us at 315-655-7273 or e-mail any of our staff at