Career Services - Caz College Majors - Business Management

The field of business management offers a variety of options. Those who pursue business management careers are involved in directing and leading others, motivating employees and building cooperative relationships. Additionally, business managers analyze problems, develop and manage budgets, and supervise the work of others. Other functional areas where management professionals specialize include accounting, human resources, marketing or finance. Students interested in these fields often take targeted course work and obtain internships in their areas of interest to gain specialized experience that may qualify them for professional positions upon graduation.

Cazenovia College offers specializations in Accounting, Equine Business Management, Fashion Merchandising, Health Care Management and Sport Management.

Managers work in every industry and include government, manufacturing, business, education, health care, retail, non-profit and private industry. Managers work in large and small companies and the work of a manager may involve both performing administrative and direct operations and services roles.

Students in this major have completed internships and have found employment with the following: