Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies majors will find career opportunities in many areas of the legal and justice systems. People who work in Criminal Justice are involved in and are concerned with the apprehension, prosecution, defense, sentencing, incarceration and supervision of those charged with criminal offences. Those majoring in Criminal Justice can work in government, law enforcement, corrections, probation departments, parole offices, corporate and private security firms, financial investigation offices, drug and firearms agencies, immigration departments, the U.S. Border Patrol and the Secret Service. Careers range from behind the scenes work in criminal labs, law offices and administrative positions in the justice system to front line interaction-based positions where it may be difficult to predict the next assignment. Career opportunities are also available with the FBI and the CIA.

Some criminal justice majors may choose to specialize in specific areas such as victim advocacy, crime scene investigation, insurance fraud, data analysis, peacemaking, juvenile justice, social work, case management or law. These specializations require additional education.

Students in this major have completed internships and have found employment with the following: