Amy Bennison '93

Amy Bennison with a studentPhoto approved and provided by Amy Bennison
Amy Bennison, M.Ed., worked as an advocate in the early 90’s for children with Special Needs within a court appointed position in Boston Public Schools’ Special Education Parent Advisory Council, which was a result of the class action lawsuit Allen v. McDonough.  She was trained and worked under the leadership of supervisor, Diane Molle, one of the parents of a child with special needs involved in the case. Ms. Bennison also has 17 years of classroom teaching experience, over nine of which have been spent as a teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Ms. Bennison’s teaching experience encompasses multiple grade levels from first grade to sixth grade, as well as summer school experience with high school-aged children challenged by Massachusetts State Achievement Tests (MCAS). Ms. Bennison has educated children with various special needs throughout her long career within her classroom including children with learning disabilities and differences, children with Autism, and Downs Syndrome.  She is also certified as an Academic Advisor through Kansas State University and the National Academic Advisor’s Association (NACADA).
Amy graduated from Cazenovia College a long time ago with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  She was mentored by Dr. John Robert Greene (whom she still fondly refers to as Dr. Greene despite his protests), and was educated about all things historical, political, theological, philosophical and social, with social being her greatest strength.  After spending a brief time meditating on her belly button in some of Burlington, Vermont’s finest watering holes, Amy moved to Boston to become a real grown up, where she received her M.Ed. in Elementary Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University.
Ms. Bennison discovered the need for advocacy within area public schools soon after her arrival in Charlotte, both for the teachers who devote their life to the profession of education, as well as the children they serve.  Amy represented her fellow educators as Faculty Advisory Council Chair and Teacher Advisory Committee Member within the District.  Ms. Bennison has become increasingly concerned with the lessening and delaying of appropriate support and services offered to struggling students of all abilities.  Her dedication to children and passion to give parents a voice in the education of their children compelled her to form Academic Advocacy, LLC in the summer of 2013.