Cazenovia Watercolor Society Exhibition Opens June 29

Event Date(s): 
Friday, June 29, 2012 (All day) to Sunday, August 5, 2012 (All day)
Members of the Cazenovia Watercolor Society will exhibit their work at the Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall on weekends between June 29 and August 5. Hours are Fridays, 6-8 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 p.m. A member of the Society will be on hand to discuss the work.

Among the artists exhibiting work are:

watercolor painting by Barbara BickfordBarbara Bickford is a fine arts graduate of Syracuse University, and has studied copperplate engraving, lithography, and oil paintings; she has participated in many workshops in watercolor and acrylics with nationally known artists.

She writes, "Watercolors and water-based paintings are fascinating, bursting with color, or a subtle effect that creates a mood: warm, cool, happy, thought provoking, always awakening a response in me. It is rewarding, when someone might share my feelings in a painting. As a member of Cazenovia Watercolor Society, Onondaga Art Guild, and Central New York Watercolor Society, I am always learning and painting. My desire to paint is forever with me; it is so enjoyable.

Jane Woodruff Carroll operates Pondridge Studio in Cazenovia. After a brief career as a book designer and art editor, Carroll taught upper school at Manlius Pebble Hill School before focusing on portraiture. She has exhibited in numerous nationally juried shows such as the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society (Robert E. Wood Memorial Award), Adirondack Watercolor Exhibition, Niagara Frontier (Valco Corporation Award), Central New York Watercolor Society (Best in Show) as well as many others. She was a featured artist in the international magazine, Watercolor Magic. Although she exhibits watercolors, her oil portraits are also in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad. She will exhibit a painting titled "A Preliminary Study of Jan"

In her artist's statement Carroll writes, "With a family history of painters, art was a familiar visual and verbal experience in our home. Recognizing my early interest, I was privileged to be given art lessons by an aged local lady, Anna Reeves, who had studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art under the noted William Merritt Chase and Celia Beaux. To this day I use the same palette as Chase, habitually arranging the colors in the same order. I was strongly influenced by both Celia Beaux and Mary Cassatt's impressionist portraits. Economy of stroke, clean color and painting with conviction were the goal."

Ann S. Cross, of Cazenovia, has studied watercolor painting with Barbara Kellogg and pastel painting with Mary Padgett. She also works in acrylics. She received her bachelor of science degree from Cornell University and her master's degree in social work from Syracuse University. She is a family therapist who retired in 2008. In addition to her membership in the Cazenovia Watercolor Society, she is volunteer head of the Cazenovia Public Library.

She writes in her artist’s statement, "In 2005, at the urging of a close friend, I picked up a paint brush, took a class and started a mysterious journey into art. I have lot of ideas and images in my brain which I attempt to put on paper, but mostly I am surprised by what I see in my work. With the encouragement of my husband, family, and teachers, I continue to experiment, and am having a wonderful time."

The Swan -- watercolor by Judith HandJudith K. Hand received her education at Wittenberg University, Penn State University, Syracuse University, and through numerous workshops. She taught public school in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Central New York, and currently teaches workshops at various locations around Central New York. She is a member of the Central New York Watercolor Society, Cazenovia Watercolor Society, Central New York Art Guild, Marcellus-Skaneateles Art Guild, Onondaga Art Guild, Syracuse Allied Arts and CNY Artists, Crafters & Creators.She writes, "My first love is watercolor; however recently, I have been experimenting with acrylics and collage. I have exhibited extensively in Central New York. My subject matter and style are eclectic but I am partial to images of reflective surfaces, landscapes and flowers. I agree with Delacroix that 'The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye.' "

Marge Hill was born in New York City. She earned a bachelor of science degree in business management from Syracuse University, and was co-owner of The Downstairs Attic in ManliCorner of Red -- a watercolor by Marge Hillus. She began painting in 1999 and has taken classes and workshops in the intervening years. She has been a Cazenovia Watercolor Society member since 2000, is a past president, and past program chair. She is also a member of the Onondaga Art Guild. She has had one-person exhibits at the May Memorial Church, the Eastwood Library, Hospice of CNY, and at LaDolce Vita restaurant. She has also had paintings accepted in juried shows at Old Forge Art Center, the Cooperstown Regional, and the Kirkland Art Center Regional. Three of her paintings have won jury awards at the Old Forge Art Center and the Hospice show in Liverpool.

Hill writes in her artist's statement, "When I retired I had this urge to try my hand at painting. Besides collecting art for most of my married life, my only previous 'art' experience had been painting walls and window trim. I enrolled in a painting class to find out whether this was for me. Well, I fell in love!

It was a frustrating experience in the beginning, and sometimes still is, because I couldn't create what I had in my head. I loved seeing what color could do! Just the right hue and the right intensity could change the entire feel of the painting. And one extra stroke of the brush in the right place could give the painting a whole new life and pull the piece together. Painting and creating allow me to communicate, to wordlessly share my feelings through color and imagination. It is exciting to have others recognize an experience, or feel an emotion when they view one of my paintings, and sometimes to even see something that I, myself, didn’t see."

Watercolor by Barbara KelloggBarbara Kellogg graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1963 after attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for two and a half years. She has attended many workshops and has worked with some excellent artists such as Glenn Bradshaw, Ed Betts, Nick Reale and Katherine Liu.

She writes, "Teaching both in my studio and in other venues provided enormous satisfaction for many years. Presently, I conduct workshops. I am a member of the National Watercolor Society Central NY Watercolor Society and the Cazenovia Watercolor Society.

In her artist's statement, Kellogg writes, "I am inspired by what I see in Nature. Something as simple as a twist of a leaf is enough to excite my imagination. Then the fun begins: translating my thoughts and fleeting impressions into a painting. Good composition, interesting color and contrast and texture are visual goals. A sense of whimsy and play are also important considerations. I use acrylic paints, inks and collage on either paper or canvas. There is not a better moment than when the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ fall into place and painting 'works.' "
by Elizabeth Cummings Monroe

Elizabeth Cummings Monroe ( writes in her artist’s statement, “My work depicts my personal adventure through my environment. My painting style is all about taking watercolor by Elizabeth Cummings Monroerisks. I capture the essence of life, and distill it using my creative processes. I hope to take my viewer on a journey through form, line and texture. Color is my one true love; I am a "colorist" at heart. I occasionally use photographic references but I prefer to paint intuitively. I enjoy the process of combining many layers of paint to create texture and form. I often let the paint take me where it needs to be and I hope to lead my viewer in that same direction."My current body of work features extreme simplification and abstraction of the subject matter. Most pieces depict local landscapes including Cazenovia Lake and the surrounding countryside. I hope to create a very bold dynamic statement by integrating saturated color with subtle earth tones. I enjoy using strong design and composition strategies to enhance the subject matter; I also desire to portray a provocative emotional response through the use of color and texture. My work has the unusual effect of being hard edged yet soft at the same time.

I truly believe that creativity is a gift, and it is a gift we all have. Whether or not we choose to explore and pursue that gift is our prerogative. Come on, let’s go, let’s explore and let’s have an adventure."

Toloa Perry, of Cazenovia, majored in art both in high school and college. She also earned a master’s degree in education. During her career as an artist, she taught in public schools both as a full-time and substitute teacher. She is a member of the Cazenovia Watercolor Society, and has exhibited her work frequently at local shows. She writes, “I’ve always liked to draw. I was introduced to watercolor about 25 years ago and have been painting with that media ever since. I also teach adults in my home.”

Geometric Folly -- by Sherry WrightSherry S. Wright lives in Waterville, N.Y. Although she has been dabbling in paint since childhood, she has taken a more serious approach to art since her retirement as a full time teacher at the Waterville High School in 1997. She enjoys watercolor media and has periodically studied watercolor and photography at Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica, New York.

Wright is the current president of the Cazenovia Watercolor Society. She has participated in several area shows and had her first "one person" show at The Barge in Hamilton, New York several years ago. Twice she was been honored with the "People's Choice Award" one in Watercolor and the other in photography at the Juried Side Walk Show the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica. Sherry is still trying new subjects and styles in watercolors.

Sherry particularly enjoys nature and landscape photography. She finds that working on the art of photography supports her expression in watercolors. She is fond of strong colors in her work and prefers impressionistic painting.