Senior Visual Communications Students Show Design Works

Event Date(s): 
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 (All day) to Tuesday, April 10, 2012 (All day)
Postcard for the Visual Communications BFA Exhibition, created by Sarah Liddell. The Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall is hosting the annual Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibitions now through May 1. The exhibition includes work by visual communications, studio art, photography and interior design degree candidates from Cazenovia College's Division of Art and Design.

The visual communications students’ exhibition, titled "PANTONE PARTY, an Overdose of Color," runs from March 28 through April 10, with an artists’ reception on April 5 from 4 to 7 p.m., in the gallery.  

Kiley A. Barr, of Cazenovia N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Barr is showing her senior project, the branding of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.  "In Abu Dhabi,” she says, “they are creating a new museum, a second Louvre, and this project shows my skills in branding/graphic design, and I will also be showing some of my advertisements. In my portfolio I have everything from packaging, to advertising, to branding.”  Of her education, she notes, “My experience as a Visual Communications major at Cazenovia can be described in one word: growth. I have grown a lot as an artist and as a person. Upon graduation I am looking for any job in the Visual Communications sector. I love all forms and I am open to all kinds of jobs.”

Christina M. Crimarco, of Yorktown Heights N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Crimarco has illustrated and branded a web comic called MANIpulate, showcasing her illustrations as well as branding and narrative. She says, “The senior exhibition and my portfolio feature various work, including illustrations, advertising and interactive graphics. Upon graduation I would like to pursue work in the field of illustration and graphic design. The Visual Communications program at Cazenovia College has been a challenging and fantastic program that has given me great opportunities to work and learn with many talented designers.”  

Jonathan B. Dain, of Chittenango N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Dain is showing work from his senior portfolio.  

Lauren R. Harder, of Oneonta N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Harder has created branding for a newly established Event Planning Company, using her skill with use of color, spacing, typography, layout and more. Her senior exhibition features ad designs, brochures and logo design.  Her senior portfolio includes advertisements, t-shirt designs, logo designs, websites and packaging. She says, “I currently have an internship designing graphics for a clothing company, and I love it. At Cazenovia I have made some awesome friends who have developed into a family.  I am truly blessed to have learned so much from the professors in the VC major, and I thank them all.”  

Danielle E. Jenison, of Greenfield Center N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Jenison created a comic book, to demonstrate the various illustration styles that she can do. She says, “I’m trying to show a variation of my abilities so it's not just one general style. I personally think its better when you can show that you can do other styles. The comic book consists of illustrations and cartoon characters. I also have a few package designs, posters and a T-shirt design.”  She continues, “At first I wanted to go into the comic book illustration profession but I’d enjoy anything that involves illustration, whether it's illustrating for children' books or posters, animation, or character design for game companies. The experience gained at Cazenovia has been enjoyable and sometimes stressful, but no matter what happened, everything turned out as a memorable and positive experience.”
Jessica R. Lacelle, of North Syracuse N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  LaCelle created a campaign for Banned Books Week that showcases her design and illustration skills. She has also included examples of her graphic design and package design skills. She says, “I’d love to go into illustration or something combining illustration and design. My time at Cazenovia has been a wonderful experience; I’ve learned so much and met really great people.”  

Sarah A. Liddell, of North Tonawanda N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Liddell is showing work from her senior portfolio.
Annmarie Mondelli, of Middletown N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Mondelli has created a brand she calls, "Annie Mondelli," made up of illustrations that are put on merchandise such as shirts, buttons, key chains, magnets and other items. This brand represents two different styles. "Annie" represents the cute illustrations and "Mondelli" represents the dark illustrations. I then photograph people wearing these shirts. The photographs will end up in a catalog. The project showcases my illustration skills, my photography skills and my graphic design skills with this project.”  Mondelli hopes to work in illustration or with photography, or a combination of both after graduation. She says, “My experience as a visual communications student at Cazenovia College has been a very exciting journey with lots of obstacles along the way.”

Michael Rohr, of Needham Mass., is majoring in visual communications.  Rohr is showing work from his senior portfolio  

Courtney A. Rose, of Warwick R.I., is majoring in visual communications.  Rose has created a project that is a play off of the well known snack of milk and cookies. She developed a line of organic refrigerated snack boxes featuring Organic Valley milk and a freshly baked treat. She says, “The primary function of this project is to showcase my branding, package design, and illustration skills. My portfolio features a variety of graphic design, primarily package design and branding, but also illustration. All these will be represented throughout my senior exhibition.”  She continues, “My dream job would be to illustrate children’s books, but upon graduation I wish to work with a small company developing primarily print design.” Of her education, she says, “Being part of a tight knit community such as the visual communications program at Caz has truly allowed me to step outside of myself and allow my creative juices to not just flow, but burst at the seams. I’m confident in both the designs I produce and the knowledge I have gained in learning to produce them, something I would have never gotten without this program.”
Charles N. Saidel, of Gouverneur N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Saidel is showing work from his senior portfolio.  

Amanda J. Sammons, of Saint Johnsville N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Sammons created promotional materials for a fictional upcoming movie. The project showcases her skills in web design, advertising, branding and copywriting. Her senior portfolio and exhibition include her web design work, as well as advertising, illustration, and packaging. She says, “My goal is to be a web designer. As a Visual Communications student at Cazenovia College, I've become part of a family that has guided me to become both a better designer and a better person.”  

Jamie Sciortino, of Smithtown N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Sciortino created Moxie Cafe! A cafe with a bold eclectic feel, showing lots of moxie! Sciortino says, “I am branding this made up coffee company, and will be displaying packaging and identity through napkins, cups, coffee bags and even sugar packets. My portfolio ranges from corporate logo branding, to illustrated posters such as a poetry reading of Allen Ginsberg and also advertising for Travel Oregon!“   Sciortino says she is not sure of her goal after graduation. “At this point I have decided wherever I can get a job I will further explore that area! I'm not settling ever. At Cazenovia I have learned not to be afraid to ask questions, and use everything around me that I possibly can for inspiration - most importantly, my peers.”

Melanie C. Smith, of Liverpool N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Smith has created branding for a jewelry company, including layout, photography, package design, jewelry making and advertising. Her project features a wide variety of branding, advertising, illustration, packaging, and other design work. She is most interested in working in the fields of book cover design, invitation design, or branding and package design. She says, "In my four years at Cazenovia College I have grown as both a designer and as a person."

Stefanie R. Sterling, of Hubbardsville N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Sterling created identity branding and website design for a children's clothing store she named Sassafras Kids. Her senior portfolio and exhibition showcase her skills in identity branding, packaging design and website design, which are the areas she hopes to pursue after she graduates. She says, “My experience at Cazenovia College has been inspiring, and pushed my creative boundaries farther than I had before attending Cazenovia.  

Laura B. Stuhler, of Jamesville N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Stuhler created promotional materials for the National Education Association, to get kids reading. Her senior project and exhibition showcase her skills in advertising, with some illustration and digital illustration, featuring advertising and layout design. She says, “Marketing and advertising design seem like the most logical job choices if I stay here in New York.  I transferred from a community college and I was glad to have the opportunity to take classes at Cazenovia that I hadn't been able to take before receiving my associate’s degree in graphic arts in printing.”  

Elina M. Terentyeva, of Crown Point N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Thomas’ senior project “Reebolution,” is a rebranding, reboots, retone campaign which targets runners by creating a running shoe. He says, “The mission is to work muscles, keep your body in great shape, while keeping your feet stable, comfortable, and safe. This project revolves mainly around 3-D modeling. Other skills I showcase are advertising and interactive graphics as well as branding.”  Thomas hopes to work in 3-D modeling and t-shirt design after graduation, and expresses confidence in his preparation to join the professional world.

Jessica E. Tobin, of Amsterdam N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Tobin showcases her skills in branding and illustration with advertising materials for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Her portfolio and the senior exhibition include examples of her work in branding, illustration, packaging, website design, and graphic design. After graduation, she is interested in any job that puts her skills to use. She says her time at Cazenovia College “was an unforgettable experience that helped me grow as a person and as a designer.”  

Nicholas C. Vernetti, of Webster N.Y., is majoring in visual communications.  Vernetti’s senior project was created around a fictional company called Helmsman Marine Supply Company, a lifestyle based company for recreational boaters. He showcases his skills in branding systems, identity, advertising and marketing, as well as his interest in boating. In his exhibition, and his senior portfolio he features logo based design as well as retail design for products.  He says, “I would like to work for an advertising agency after interning with Eric Mower and Associates in Buffalo. My educational experience at Cazenovia College was comprehensive, and widespread. I was glad to be able to follow several interests and develop my art and design skills.”

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