Annual Great Debate a Success

Event Date(s): 
Friday, May 3, 2013 (All day)
On May 1st, Cazenovia College's Debate Society held its 13th Annual Great Debate on Resolved: The Federal ban of assault weapons shall be reinstated.
Fine advocacy was offered by both teams. However, in the end, the Opposition Team prevailed and the resolution was defeated.
The Great Debate included prepared arguments, cross examination, and questions from the audience.
Recipients of Debate Society Honors
Best Argument for the Opposition: Alex Rudiak
Best Argument for the Affirmative: David Podeswik
Strongest Response Argument by a member of the Opposition Team: Katie Murray
Strongest Response Argument by a member of the Affirmative Team: Anni Aliasso
The Amanda Klish Award for Transformation: Lyndsey Garvilla
Debate Society MVP for 2013: Anni Aliasso (With a brave double argument.)
The Opposition Team
Brandon Anthony, Dean Engle, Naomi Figueroa, Tia Huse, Wes Lawrence, Katie Murray, Rachel O’Cain, Nicole Rizzo, Alex Rudiak, Lauren Schumann, Samantha Young
The Affirmative Team
Anneliese Aliasso, Whitney Belcer, Justina Bowen, Lindsey Garvilla, Jessica Green, Alex Hazard, Thien Huynh, Alyssa Pagliei, David Podeswik, Aaron Vickers
Heather Ferrara, Clarissa Breen, Andrew Ó Baoill, Marlaina Wing
View a video of the debate webcast in its entirety at