Clubs and Organizations

Clubs & Orgs - Opening Paragraph

Student clubs and organizations allow students to join organizations that promote their common interests, as well as participate in the college governance structure to foster and support student opportunities for learning, leadership, community building & creative expression beyond the classroom. Subject to the final approval by the Dean for Student Life, the Student Government Association has the responsibility for recognizing and approving all student clubs and organizations. Students interested in joining an existing student organization or in starting a new one should contact the Dean for Student Life @ 655-7348. Click Forms & Manuals to register your organization and obtain required event registration forms.

A Cappella
Alternative Breaks @ Cazenovia
American Institution of Graphic Arts (Visual Communications)
Art Club
Animal Protection Club
Beadmakers Society
Business Club
Campus Activities Board
Campus Crusade for Christ
The Cazenovian (Yearbook)
Certified Peer Educators
Criminal Justice Club
Dance Club
Debate Society
Drama Club
Dungeons & Dragons Club
Education Club
English Club
Environmental Club
Equine Ambassadors Club
Fashion Connection
Fashion DIY
Fiber Arts Club
Film Society
Fire Fighters/EMT
Fitness Club
Freedom Singers (formerly Gospel Choir)
Gaming Society
Health Care Club
Hula Hoop Club
Human Rights Club
Human Services Club
Improv Anonymous
Infinity Step Team
Interfaith Office
Interior Design Club
Latin Club
Literacy Project
Music Club
Outdoor Adventure Club
Newman Club
Overseas Travel Club
Paintball Club
Paranormal Investigation Team
Philosophy Club
Poetry Slam Club
Postponed Awakening Club
Psychology Club
The Quad
Skiing/Snowboarding Club
Social Science Club
Society of Success & Leadership (Sigma Alpha Pi)
Solez of Caz
Spilled Ink
Sports Management Club
Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Student Foundation
Student Government Association
Students of Every Diversity
Tea Club
Up ‘til Dawn
Visual Rebellion
Women's Empowerment Group
You Are Not Alone

A Cappella Club
The Club is open to any student interested in singing a cappella music. The A Cappella Club arranges, rehearses, and performs songs throughout the year.

American Institution of Graphic Arts (Visual Communications)
The American Institution of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Group and its’ activities bring students together to create opportunities for professional enhancement in all forms of design. It will: promote creativity, design and social awareness at all levels of the Visual Communications Program at Cazenovia College; educate students on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing; present opportunities for students to meet with professionals in the field of design; and honor advertising excellence by submitting to design competitions.

Alternative Breaks @ Cazenovia:
The Alternative Break Program (A.B.C) places teams of students in communities to engage in service and experiential learning during their summer, fall, winter and/or spring breaks. Students perform short-term projects for community agencies and learn about issues such as literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness and the environment. The objectives of an alternative break program are to involve college students in community-based service projects and to give students opportunities to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they otherwise may have had little or no direct contact.  The intensity of the experience increases the likelihood that participants will transfer the lessons learned on-site back to their own communities after the alternative break ends.   

Animal Protection Club
The purpose of this club is to advocate, educate and volunteer in an effort to end animal cruelty

Art Club: 
The Art Club brings together students from diverse creative backgrounds to engage in discussion, activities and projects. Anyone interested in art, in any/or all its forms, including music, dance, art history, design, literature, theater, etc., is welcome. 

Beadmakers Society:
The Beadmakers Society was established to promote and sponsor the art of making hand-crafted glass beads. The Society is open to all students who want to learn from one another, as well as provide support to those just entering the world of glass beadmaking. The Society offers educational initiatives such as classes, workshops and field trips.  

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Business Club:
The Business Club is an on-campus organization based around students in the Business Management major(s) at Cazenovia College. The Club offers all students the opportunity to broaden their external business opportunities/relationships and sponsors guest lecture speakers throughout the academic year. The Club is dedicated to the professional development of its student members. The Club also promotes community welfare by participating and organizing community service events in an effort to promote the College and teach the members valuable networking skills. The Club promotes interaction among students, faculty and business professionals. 

Campus Activities Board:
The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the central student-run programming board for the College. It is dedicated to providing, planning and coordinating various social and recreational activities in accordance with student needs and interests. Professional entertainers, artists and speakers are hired to perform in comedy shows, coffeehouses, lectures, major concerts, and hypnotist/ESP shows. Films, a variety of game shows and student performances are also coordinated through CAB. Administrative and academic departments work with CAB to sponsor recreational, social, educational, and/or cultural programs which include art shows, Black History Month events, Women’s History Month events, and off-campus trips. 

Campus Crusade for Christ: 
Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) is a ministry for college students at Cazenovia College. Our desire is to know Christ and make Him known. We believe that a relationship with God through Jesus Christ provides the hope and purpose in life that people are seeking. We meet regularly for a time of worship, fellowship and teaching from God's word. Our meetings are a great time to get away from the grind of school and get to know other believers in a warm intimate atmosphere.

Cazenovia Chorale: 
The Chorale provides a forum for students’ musical expression and teaches music skills and chorale techniques. Vocal training, some music theory, and performance are incorporated into the yearly activity. The Chorale provides an environment where students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members can come together to learn, rehearse, and perform chorale music. 

Cazenovia Environmental Club
The purpose of this club is to provide a means to further environmental awareness via interactive educational activities, service learning, and development of active conservation practices on campus and abroad.

Cazenovia Fire Fighters/EMT:
The Cazenovia Fire Fighters/EMT Club provides a way for Cazenovia Colleges to be trained and serve in the Cazenovia community volunteer fire department. Their mission is to provide service to the community by protecting life, property and environment through prevention,public education and emergency response with well maintained equipment and highly trained, dedicated personnel. All required training is provided to members.

The Cazenovian: 
The Cazenovian is the College’s yearbook.  It strives to maintain proper journalistic guidelines to produce an accurate and quality book for the College community.  It is entirely student run with the aid of a faculty/staff advisor.  The Cazenovian offers work-study and volunteer positions in writing, design and photography.  Students at-large are encouraged to participate by contributing to the yearbook. 

Certified Peer Educators:
Peer educators are students that contributed to the education of Cazenovia College students on diversity issues, prevention and reduction of harmful behavior to oneself. Their purpose is to educate, confront, listen and help peers make healthy lifestyle choices. The Bacchus and Gamma peer education network nationally certify this group of students.

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Criminal Justice Club
The purpose of this club is to provide students with opportunities within the field of Criminal Justice. These opportunities include, by way of example: participation in professional and educational programs, establishing and carrying out community service projects, fund raising in support of these projects, and networking with community based service providers.

Dance Club:
Cazenovia College Dance Club began in 2004 as a way to teach different styles of dance to any student who was interested. It has evolved into a dedicated and talented club with focuses on workshops as well as their annual show at Catherine Cummings Theater. Different styles learned throughout the years have included hip hop, jazz, theater, African, modern, ballet, and more. Dance Club is open to any student with or without prior dance experience but has an interest and passion for dancing

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Debate Society:
The Cazenovia Debate Society seeks to encourage and facilitate public speaking and debate.  It instructs its members in public speaking and debating skills, trains a debating team/competition, and encourages an atmosphere of intellectual discourse on campus.  

Drama Club:
The objectives of the Drama Club are to provide a forum through which students can learn different aspects of the theatre and its workings and to organize trips and workshops that allow students to learn and experience theatre in and out of Cazenovia College. 

Dungeons & Dragons Club
The purpose of this group is to bring students together through gaming to encourage teamwork, cooperation and problem solving.

Education Club:
The purpose of this club is to create a student organization that will enhance all education and child studies students as well as promote campus awareness of the education program. Members decide upon, plan, and implement activities focused on educational issues.  

English Club:
The English Club provides a place for students/staff/faculty to share their love of books and reading with each other and the community; to support freedom of creative expression; to promote the value of the history of literature as well as its contemporary influence; and to create an active English Major community on campus. 

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Environmental Club:
The purpose of this club is to provide a means to further environmental awareness via interactive educational activities, service learning, and development of active conservation practices on campus and abroad. 

Equine Ambassadors Club: 
The mission of the Equine Ambassadors Club (E.A.C.) is to contribute to the College and Cazenovia community through the love of horses. Endeavors include adopt a highway projects and numerous community service activities throughout the academic year. 

Fashion Connection:
The Cazenovia Fashion Connection (CFC) is a club dedicated to providing Cazenovia College students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the fashion industry through club activities, field trips, professional contacts and speakers. Additionally, through workshops students are given the opportunity to build and strengthen professional skills. The club encourages students of all majors to join in group activities and events in order to bridge the knowledge of students in different fields of study.

Fashion DIY
The purpose of Fashion DIY is to provide students and faculty with a casual and fun environment in which to continue to develop skills in fashion-related activities. Activities focus on clothing, accessories and design.

Fiber Arts Club
This club focuses on sharing techniques, knowledge of and participation in fiber arts. Club activities include knitting, crocheting, and special projects. All skill levels welcome.

Film Society:
The Film Society exists to promote the appreciation of film as an art form. Following each film, a student or faculty member leads a discussion group.  

Fitness Club
The mission of Fitness Club is to create an atmosphere that fosters healthy lifestyles for Cazenovia College students. Events include exercise classes, guest lectures and guidance in eating healthy in the dining hall.

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Freedom Singers (formerly Gospel Choir):
The Freedom Singers is a group of students who have an interest in expressing themselves vocally through a variety of music, poetry and spoken word. The group hopes to help in fostering the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the students at Cazenovia College.

Fire Fighters/EMT:
The Cazenovia Fire Fighters/EMT Club provides a way for Cazenovia Colleges to be trained and serve in the Cazenovia community volunteer fire department.  Their mission is to provide service to the community by protecting life, property and environment through prevention, public education and emergency response with well-maintained equipment and highly trained, dedicated personnel.  All required training is provided to members.

Gaming Society:
The objectives of the Gaming Society are to promote multiplayer video gaming in the Cazenovia College Community. The Society holds on campus gaming events. 

Health Care Club
The Health Care Club focuses on creating community relationships with health care related businesses. The goal is develop career opportunities for students and to involve students with community health care related activities.

Hula Hoop Club:
The Hula Hoop Club seeks to teach and inform students of a new form of recreation/exercise through dancing with hula hoops. This art form helps individuals embrace a positive self-image while staying fit.
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Human Rights Club:
The Human Rights Club is an organization that enhances all students, regardless of their major, in a number of aspects that have a global focus. Members decide upon, plan, and implement activities focused on international cultures and issues. Activities and areas of interest/focus include: learning about other countries and cultures, planning and/or attending international-focused events, human rights issues, attending conferences, advocacy/community service, inviting guest speakers to campus, and international and domestic field trips. 

Human Services Club: 
The Human Services Club provides students with opportunities within the dynamic field of Human Services. These opportunities include participation in professional and educational programs, establishing and carrying out community service projects, fund raising in support of these projects, and networking with community based service providers. 

Improv Anonymous:
This group seeks to provide students with an improvisational form of entertainment. Members learn the techniques of improve and perform on campus at least once a year.

Infinity Step Team: 
The purpose of the Infinity Step Team is to provide students the opportunity to learn and perform the traditional, historic, and modern dance form known as step (the collective movements of hands, feet and other body parts to create a stylish rhythmic collaboration). Participation instills values of motivation, discipline, self-worth and interpersonal skills through the activity of stepping.

Interfaith Office: 
Cazenovia College is a non-denominational institution, and students come from a diverse array of religious and spiritual backgrounds. The Inter-Faith Office offers a variety of programs and opportunities for all students regardless of their religious affiliation.  Services include individual spiritual guidance and direction, bereavement counseling, special occasion prayer services, retreats, and information on area houses of worship. Students seeking to establish a religious club or organization can contact the Interfaith Office for support and guidance.

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Interior Design Club: 
The Interior Design Club enriches the classroom experience by broadening student’s knowledge through field trips, speakers, social events and networking. The club allows members to explore the field of interior design and architecture to educate and inspire future designs. 

Latin Club
The Latin Club is open to all students and is focused on teaching students about the Latino community and culture. The Club strives to provide resources and awareness to issues that affect the Latino community and is committed to educating members and the campus ourselves as about Latino culture, heritage, and diversity.

Literacy Project:
Through the Literacy Project volunteer/Work-study students partner with faculty, staff and the local community to provide tutoring for elementary age students. Tutoring currently takes place at the Cazenovia Public Library. In an effort to increase the reading proficiency among America’s youth, the major objective of the Project is to have all children reading well and independently by the end of the third grade.   

Music Club
The Music Club provides an opportunity for interested students to perform, create and practice music.

Newman Club
The Newman Club is an ecumenical group that helps foster the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the students of Cazenovia College. Newman Club sponsors several social justice projects throughout the academic year, as well as spiritual and educational retreats.

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Outdoor Adventure Club:
The purpose of the Outdoor Adventure Club is to foster participation, cooperation, and interest among all students at Cazenovia college in basic camping and outdoor adventures such as white water rafting, rock climbing/repelling, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, and mountain biking.

Overseas Travel Club:
The Overseas Travel Club promotes and supports student travel and educational learning by providing planned group tours to countries overseas. The Club has traveled to London, Paris, Italy, and Ireland. 

Paintball Club:
The purpose of the Paintball Club is to get students active and knowledgeable about the sport of paintball.

Paranormal Investigation Team:   
The Paranormal Investigation Team is devoted to investigating “haunted” places and trying to find evidence of paranormal activities.

Philosophy Club
The objective of Philosophy Club is to study and discuss philosophy, philosophical ideas and philosophers, to enhance reasoning skills, and pursue ideas of ultimate truth, goodness and understanding.

Poetry Slam Club
This club is for students to come and celebrate, be introduced to or learn more about the art of spoken word or poetry. They welcome all who love power of words. The Poetry Slam Club provides a venue for students to share their own poetry, or the poetry of others with club members. Members can learn about different poetic forms and techniques as they write original poems of their own.

Postponed Awakening Club
This club seeks to provide a stress-free environment for students to do academic work or take a break from academic work. Group members provide a support system, build social bonds, help each other stay focuses and assist in increasing members ability to work among distractions.

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Psychology Club:
The Psychology Club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in psychology to get together and participate in a variety of campus activities. The Psychology Club organizes Stress-Free Day every semester during the week before finals; this event provides free food, games, and fun to the entire campus. The Psychology Club also takes members to the Eastern Psychological Association conference each year. The club is open to all majors and is a great way to get involved on campus.

The Quad:
The Quad is a student-run newspaper designed to create space for discussion and debate on issues that are significant in our community. Students are responsible for all aspects of paper production including issue development, selection of articles, photographs and art, and paper design. The Quad is committed to accurate reporting and excellent writing in order to provide its readers with the information needed to become engaged citizens within their communities.
> Read The Quad online.

Skiing/Snowboarding Club:
The Skiing/Snowboarding Club allows students to plan and participate in outdoor activities, such as skiing and snowboarding. The club arranges for transportation and discount passes to Toggenburg Mountain. Equipment rental is available at Toggenburg Mountain for an additional cost.

Social Science Club:
The purpose of the Social Science Club is to provide students who have an interest in the social science with the ability to expand their horizons with students sharing similar interests. The groups sponsors speakers, attends lectures and participates in various field trips.

Society of Success & Leadership (Sigma Alpha Pi):
The mission of the Society of Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) is to help students create the lives they desire by helping them discover what they truly want to do, and giving them the support, motivation, and tools to achieve their goals. Members participate in monthly telecasts and success networking groups to assist students with developing goals and action steps.

Solez of Caz
The Solez of Caz is committed to teaching students about the passion of sneaker collecting and the sneaker community. Members collect, trade and/or admire sneakers as a hobby. They focus on distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers.

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Spilled Ink:
Spilled Ink is an annual art and literary magazine. It acts as a forum for the display of art and literacy talent found in the Cazenovia College student body.  

Sports Management Club:
The Sports Management Club is dedicated to providing leadership opportunities for members and to foster learning experiences for potential managers in the sport industry. 

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC):
The purpose of SAAC is to provide a forum for student-athletes to promote communication between athletics administration and student-athletes. This Committee disseminates information, provides a mechanism for feedback and insight into athletic department issues creates a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees, and promotes a positive student-athlete image on campus. 

Student Foundation:
The purpose of the Student Foundation is to educate the student body about the importance of charitable giving to the College, and the opportunities afforded to Cazenovia College students as a result of private and public donations.

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Student Government Association:
The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to advocate for students’ needs and rights. The organization engages students intellectually, recreationally, culturally, and socially through club participation and by serving in student government positions. SGA allows students to participate actively in the formulation of the policies, rules and regulations of Cazenovia College; protects student’s rights; provide a unified student voice; create and maintain an environment where student needs are met; promote an informed and active student body; and determine and allocate/designate funds for recognized student clubs and organization. 

Students of Every Diversity: 
Students of Every Diversity (SOED) is open to all students and focuses on educating the campus community about all types of culture through events and programming.
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Up ‘til Dawn:
Up ‘til Dawn is a service learning, student-lead, student-run philanthropic program hosted by more than 180 campuses nationwide. Up ‘til Dawn unites students, staff and their local communities with a goal to help the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Students who lead Up ‘til Dawn on their campuses educate the community about St. Jude while raising money through a variety of activities. 

Tea Club
The Tea Club provides a relaxing environment where students share different teas and discuss the various cultural, scientific, and historical aspects of tea. During meetings members focus on a different type of tea and practice brewing tea.

Visual Communications Club:
The Visual Communications club and its’ activities will bring students together to create opportunities for professional enhancement in advertising and design.  It will:  promote advertising and design at all levels of the Visual Communications Program at Cazenovia College; educate students on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing; honor advertising excellence by submitting to design competitions; and apply the communication skills of our students to help solve community concerns. 

Visual Rebellion:
The Visual Rebellion Club focuses on the study of animation/comics/CGI for all who are considering embarking in the field. 
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The mission of WITC is to provide a hands-on radio broadcasting experience to students. The staff of WITC operates all aspects of an FM radio station in accordance with the College’s mission and goals and the Federal Communications Commission regulations. WITC provides a wide range of leadership opportunities in a variety of areas, including music, budgeting, fundraising, promotions, management, and sports broadcasting. 

Women's Empowerment Group
This group has a vested interest in empowering, educating and advocating for women’s rights and feminist ideals.

You Are Not Alone: 
You Are Not Alone (YANA) is an organization open to gay, lesbian and bisexual students, faculty/staff, and friends. The organization is designed to a) provide a forum for members to develop personal and social awareness in a confidential and supportive environment, and b) to promote multicultural awareness of gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues to the College community. 

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