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  • Barbara Hager "Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing students exceed their expectations. By giving in the classroom — and beyond — my aim is to increase the success of our students while they are here and as they pursue lives after graduation."
    Barb Hager
  • Brett Carguello "My work makes me student-focused every day; I give so that current and future Cazenovia College students have the best possible opportunity for having the best possible experience here."
    Brett Carguello
  • Bridget Miller "My own college experience was transformational. I give because Cazenovia College provides similar opportunities for today's students."
    Bridget Miller
  • John Livermore "It's an exciting time at Cazenovia College as we seek to update our science facilities with help from the campus campaign. I contribute to the College because I want to be part of that progress."
    John Livermore
  • Jo Buffalo "I choose to give as an affirmation of my belief in the merit of our endeavor. I choose to support the institution that has trusted me to help meet our educational goals. I choose to give because of my affection for the many students I have met over 25 years."
    Jo Buffalo
  • Todd Spangler "As a member of this community, I am glad to contribute to this campaign to ensure the financial security of the College, the positive economic and social impact on the Village and, mostly, the success of our students."
    Todd Spangler
  • Patti Dellas "Over 18 years, I have tried to inspire confidence in students about their endless possibilities, and, in turn, they have inspired me. I can think of no better investment to make -- for our students and each other -- than in the future of Cazenovia College."
    Patti Dellas
  • Stu Weisman "I consider my gift to the campus campaign an investment in the College's future, which will help to secure student success as well as job creation and retention."
    Stu Weisman
  • Kate Lincoln '08 "As a former two-sport varsity athlete and current Cazenovia College employee, I give to ensure that all students can have the same opportunities that I did."
    Kate Lincoln '08
  • Mike Brooks '01 "As an undergrad, athletics gave me a tremendous way to learn about values, work ethic, and self-worth. My gift to the turf field will help provide an even better Cazenovia experience for future generations -- as the lessons learned on the playing field and in the classroom will give these students a formula for success."
    Mike Brooks '01
  • Jesse Lott "I believe my gift to the campus campaign will help support and recognize student scholars and the outstanding academic programs at Cazenovia College."
    Jesse Lott

Why did you give to Cazenovia College? Email us at — we'd love to hear from you!

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