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Science Labs

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The College has completed a major upgrade to its outdated instructional science laboratories. This renovation and modernization project enables us to support our science offerings - specifically our growing biology program.

The College has remained committed to teaching science with a focus on natural history and whole organism biology, including large animal biology. While some institutions have abandoned the focus on natural history, Cazenovia has continued to recognize that this focus is essential to help local, regional, and state officials understand what comprises biodiversity, which is critical for the future health and safety of our nation’s citizens.

The labs, which are located in Eckel Hall, were built in 1967-68 and lacked modern equipment and resources. Major improvements include redesigning the layout of instructional fixtures, upgrading electrical and mechanical systems, and support for new technology and equipment. Improved chemical and specimen storage, as well as prep space, will provide appropriate facilities for Cazenovia’s excellent whole animal biology, environmental biology, and chemistry courses thus accommodating the learning needs of today’s students. In addition, the College will employ state-of-the-art instrumentation for field and laboratory use, which will enable student scientists to collect data to be downloaded for computer analysis. Furthermore, many of our students in Equine Studies utilize the labs and will serve the region after they leave Cazenovia and join the nation’s multi-billion dollar equine industry.

Nearly all students utilize the College’s science labs as part of their liberal arts and sciences education. For this reason, upgrading our science labs will have a positive impact on overall student recruitment, retention, and learning outcomes.