Cazenovia College - Innovation Collective Partnership

Cazenovia College has partnered with Innovation Collective, an Idaho-based human capital company, to tap into its expertise in entrepreneurial startups, financial networking, and network of industry experts. The focus of the partnership is to explore unique new academic offerings and potential operational activities that can enhance academic offerings for both traditional college students and for learners in all phases of life, as well as to develop new and alternative income sources as part of the College’s long-term strategic plan.

The Future of Learning

The traditional higher education model will need to adapt to meet the needs and challenges the future will present. Cazenovia College sees an opportunity to be a leader in developing new and innovative approaches to learning and education. 

Community Events

In addition to conversations with students, staff, and faculty, members, Innovation Collective is organizing a series of Fireside Chats and Coffee and Concept meetings with interested community members to talk about their ideas and hear suggestions for ventures that the College might undertake and that inspire people to start or expand their businesses, develop their products, or achieve other dreams that Innovation Collective can support.

Information about the events is available on the Innovation Collective website

Questions and Answers: ‘The Future of Learning’ Partnership

Innovation Collective is a grass roots startup community with a vision of empowering the entrepreneurial spirit among people and helping them to release it. The goal of IC is to create ecosystems that activate human flourishing. Through curated events, mentorship, skills training, corporate partnerships, placemaking, and software, they help individuals start and grow some of the world's most innovative businesses. 
The College is sponsoring Innovation Collective’s presence in the Cazenovia Community and its work helping generate ideas for new academic offerings, unique educational enrichment experiences, and potential business endeavors to benefit both the college and the community. These include helping students get their business ideas off the ground, exposing them to new industry mentors, and assisting in bringing top-notch resources and information to community-based business startups.
Cazenovia College saw an opportunity to tap into IC’s network of entrepreneurial and business innovators and experts, expertise and access to financial investors for business ventures, and an ability to help people make connections for mutual benefit. 

IC has spent some time speaking with faculty and staff and brainstorming the unique kinds of new educational programming we might be able to investigate and offer. IC meets with students to inspire them to be thinking about their entrepreneurial plans. IC does one-on-ones and group meetings with students to mentor them and help build connections towards their goals.

In the community (including campus residents and staff), IC hosts monthly Fireside Chats and bi-monthly Coffee and Concepts meetings. As the community around IC starts to grow, there will be summits with speakers around innovation and education, as well as a Think Big Festival. IC also hosts a book club, personal development classes, and a startup innovation studio. 

IC is now hosting Coffee and Concepts meetings and Fireside Chat events for community members to attend. These supportive and idea-sharing experiences are designed to build a base of interested people who want to connect with one another and support for new ventures. More information is available on the IC website here.  
IC Community lead Jenn Farwell, who coordinates the experiences, is also meeting regularly on campus with students to help them formulate their ideas and find ways they can tap into IC experts and networks to support their innovations.
All experiences are open to the public. There are no fees to attend.  At Coffee and Concepts, first coffee is on us - At Fireside Chats, first drink is on us. We just want you to join, feel inspired, and feel welcomed. There is no obligation to speak or share, just come and see what it is all about. 
It is a key goal of our operational strategic plan to find new and alternate sources of revenue beyond tuition income. That’s simply a necessary step for all schools given the trends taking place in higher education, including declining numbers of students in years to come, the impact of COVID, and increased competitiveness in college recruitment. We will continue to offer the distinctive, traditional college education Cazenovia always has, but we must also look to shape our future in ways that help preserve our core mission while pursuing new initiatives focused on the future of learning.
It’s important to the College that we maintain the community-based environment of our educational offerings, so any new endeavors would take those considerations into account. We will continue to be considerate of our operational footprint as well as positive economic impact to the community. If anything, we’d hope that new offerings designed to bring in new revenue streams will also bring added interest in and prosperity to local tourism, retail, and food and beverage attractions in this area to keep the community as a whole thriving economically and comfortable in its current lifestyle.
Please return to this webpage for updates on the initiative and local events, and look for news on the College web site regarding speakers that are coming to campus. You can also join the IC-Cazenovia email list here, text ICCaz to 844-613-0717 for updates on events or, contact Jenn, the community lead, at 315-761-2030.
The College email address to submit questions or comments regarding the initiative is