President’s Commission on Equity and Diversity

The goals of President’s Commission on Equity and Diversity are to:

  • provide education to the campus and broader Cazenovia community on the impact of privilege and oppressive systems
  • actively explore and address ways that oppression and marginalization manifest within the College
  • identify steps to create and sustain a campus climate that acknowledges, promotes and celebrates diversity and equity
  • assess the effectiveness of action steps taken toward a diverse and equitable campus culture

Commission Members:

Rachel Dinero, Co-Chair

Katiuzca Loaiza-Espinoza, Co-Chair

David Bergh, Office of the President

Patrick Camilien, Staff/Administration Representative

Kathryn Dupere, Student Representative

Jesse Harasta, Faculty Representative

Larry King, Staff/Administration Representative

Lily Soltani-Amadi, Faculty Representative

Naseem Stevenson, Student Representative