Cazenovia Lake

We’ve collected fish community data from our “home lake” using seines, trap-nets, and/or gill-nets nearly every fall since 2006. Photos from our research on Cazenovia Lake: #CazenoviaLakeCazenoviaCollege.

We have presented results of our research at the following, click on the image to view the full-size version:

2020 Annual Meeting of the New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Students: Kiernan Blouin, Ciara Gunderson, Jack Layland, Cassidy Rattray, Claudia Waltz 

Image of a poster depicting caz lake research graphs














2019 Annual Meeting of the New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society 

Students: Breanna Kern, Olivia Hoy, Asia Rose 

lake research poster 2019














2019 Cazenovia Lake Summit: 3. Fish Survey Results (Asia Rose, Env. Biology Program, Cazenovia College) - YouTube

Student: Asia Rose

Student on a lake holding up two fish















2017 Cazenovia Lake Summit
Students: Lisa Lindenfeld, Marcus Barnes, Olivia Vosburg

3 different students holding 3 different fish















2016 Cazenovia Lake Summit

digital image marking sites on caz lake from overhead















2015 Cazenovia Lake Summit

graphs showing fish data















2014 Cazenovia Lake Summit

People on a boat, a child holding a fish, a fish being measured















2010 Great Lakes Research Consortium Conference 
Student: Lindsay Denhoff

image of poster with graphs showing fish lake research














2010 Lake, Stream and Watershed Issues Conference
Students: Leah Buracchi, Renee Adams, Jason Luce

aerial view of madison county lakes














2006 On-Campus presentation
Student: Erick Tylutki

fish sampling graphs