Devoted to developing educated, involved and productive citizens, Cazenovia College is also a significant employer and source of economic activity in the regional community. In addition to providing a stable source of jobs and income, as well as many cultural and social offerings, Cazenovia College has a substantial impact on the local, regional and state economies.


A Contributor to the Economy

As an employer and consumer in the Central New York region, Cazenovia College is a part of the $79.6 billion impact that the independent higher education sector has on the New York State economy. Closer to home, however, Cazenovia College is a major economic contributor to the local community through local expenditures associated with its payroll; operating expenses; students, parents, employees, alumni and visitors’ spending; and capital projects.


A Partner in the Community

Cultural events and resources hosted and/or provided by Cazenovia College attract visitors to the area, bringing additional dollars to the local economy. The College and its faculty, staff and students regularly volunteer, coordinate programming, provide funding/support, and consistently participate in various activities that have a great impact on the quality of life in Cazenovia and the Central New York region.