The Division of Business and Management offers Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degrees in Business or Business Management, and Finance. Concentrations and specializations offered as a part of the BPS degree are Accounting, Business Management, Equine Business Management, Fashion Merchandising, Finance, Hospitality and Sport Management. The BS and BPS in Business and Finance are also available as 3-year accelerated programs.

BPS degrees are fully accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). More about information about our accreditation status and the full Annual Report to IACBE can be found in the Institutional Research section of our website.

Students in these programs learn modern management philosophies and benefit from hands-on business projects and internships. This direct exposure to business methods and techniques affords them the opportunity to put into practice what is learned in the classroom and gain valuable career experience before entering the job market.

All students who pursue a BS degree in Business or Finance or a BPS degree in Management and all specializations must take a competency exam usually administered in the fall semester of their senior year.
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