There are two ways, in addition to completing courses, in which students may earn credit at Cazenovia College: (1) credit for professional experience, and (2) credit by examination or challenge examination. Students may attempt an alternative approach to earning credit only one time per course.  A maximum of 30 credits toward the baccalaureate degree may be derived from any combination of these two options.

Credit for Professional Experience
A number of programs at the College offer credit for professional experience. Although specific requirements vary from program to program, in general, a student who has acquired knowledge through life and/or work experience may apply for a maximum of nine credits toward a degree by demonstrating this knowledge by means of a portfolio, including a rationale specified by the Program Director, developed for this purpose. The student submits the portfolio for review by the appropriate program director. Following the review, the program director specifies the number of credits (if any) to be awarded to the student and how these credits meet program requirements. The registrar will then apply the specified credits to the student’s transcript.

Students interested in this option should contact the appropriate program director to receive the portfolio development guidelines. The per-credit-hour fee for credits awarded for professional experience is listed in the Financial Services section of this catalog.

Credit by Examination or Challenge Examination
Students may also apply for credit by presenting results of examinations offered through CLEP (College Learning Examination Program) or Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. Information on minimally acceptable scores on these exams may be obtained from the Enrollment Services Center. Students must provide official transcripts of test results.

For courses that do not have a comparable CLEP or AP exam a challenge examination may be made available at the discretion of the program director, and only for 100 or 200 level courses.