All students wishing to withdraw from the College and remain in good standing must go through a formal withdrawal process which must be initiated before the end of the final exam period . This process begins with an exit interview in the Enrollment Services Center. Residential students must also meet with a representative from the Office of Residence Life. The withdrawal process concludes with completion of a withdrawal survey and final withdrawal at the Enrollment Services Center.

Students who withdraw for the semester receive a grade of "W" in all courses. Any student who wants to return must complete a readmission application at the Office of Admissions in order to be readmitted.

Students who participate in a national or international program not affiliated with Cazenovia College will need to withdraw from the College for the semester of participation.  If the student is considering transferring program credits earned then he/she must complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation form, returning it to the Enrollment Services Center for evaluation. The student will be automatically readmitted after the completion of the program.