Fall Term Online with Cazenovia College

Please check back for Fall 2022 information.

Course Offerings 
  • FA 111 Art History: to the Middle Ages (3 credits)
  • HS 134 Introduction to Alcohol and Substance Abuse (3 credits)
  • HS 240 Introduction to Counseling (3 credits)
  • HS 330 Ethical Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment (3 credits)
  • HS 331 Group Dynamics (3 credits)
  • HS 344 Intervention Strategies for Alcohol and Substance Abuse ​(3 credits)
  • HU 465 Ethical Issues in Organizations (3 credits)
  • LG 131 Beginning American Sign Language I (3 credits)
  • SB 335 Comparative Social Institutions in the United States (3 credits)


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Part-Time Tuition *
Tuition per credit hour: $290
Total tuition for a 3 credit course: $870

Important Dates
August 23, 2021: Fall Term Begins 
August 31, 2021: End of Add/Drop 
December 14, 2021: Fall Term Ends
Registration Procedures
Current Cazenovia College students must contact their Academic Advisor to register for courses.
Cazenovia College welcomes visiting students each term. To register for a course, complete our online visiting student registration form. Visiting students who wish to enroll in courses through Cazenovia College are encouraged to contact the college or university where they are matriculated to confirm whether or not the courses they take will be transferrable to their home institution.
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Withdrawal Procedures
To drop or withdraw from a course, students must contact their Academic Advisor or submit a written request to the Center for Adult & Continuing Education at ContinuingEducation@cazenovia.edu.

Refund Policy (only includes tuition):
Through August 31, 4:00pm: 100 percent of tuition
August 31, 4:01pm – September 7, 4:00pm: 75 percent of tuition
September 7, 4:01pm – September 14, 4:00pm: 50 percent of tuition
September 14, 4:01pm – September 21, 4:00pm: 25 percent of tuition
After September 21, 4:00pm: No refund

For more information, email ContinuingEducation@cazenovia.edu or call 315.655.7191.

*Full-time Cazenovia College students will be charged part-time tuition for online classes taken during the summer sessions and winter term.