The All-College Honors Program at Cazenovia College offers to outstanding students in all majors (in the liberal arts and in the professional studies) a stimulating learning environment beyond that found in standard classroom coursework, and fosters their exceptional academic talents and intellectual curiosity. Demanding curriculum, independent research opportunities and co-curricular activities challenge students to achieve their full educational potential not only through encouraging academic excellence but also through promoting social responsibilities in the global community. An honors degree certifies that students have produced academic work that meets the highest standards of academic rigor in both general education and in their career field.


Curriculum would consist of three components:

  • Honors courses within the general education core:
    EN 101 H Academic Writing I Honors
    EN 201 H Academic Writing II Honors
    CM 121 H Effective Speaking Honors
  • Honors Seminars:
    Seminar 200
    Seminar 300
  • Contract courses within the major:
    Students would select at least two courses in their major, above the first year level and contract with the faculty member teaching this course to complete additional work which would qualify this course as an honors course. Students would also complete an honors senior capstone project.

Students should complete a minimum of 24 honors credits for an all-college honors degree.


The Honors Committee will make all admissions decisions.

  • In-coming first year students:

    Minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.5 or minimum SAT score of 1100 or minimum ACT score of 24

    A personal statement explaining the candidate’s interest in the program and the importance of education

    Recommendation of the Vice President of Admissions
  • Matriculated students are invited to apply after the first or second semester at Cazenovia College

    Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA earned at Cazenovia College

    Recommendation from a Cazenovia College faculty member

    A writing portfolio

    A personal statement explaining the candidate’s interest in the program and the importance of education
  • Students transferring in as juniors can be accepted into the program only if they were in an Honors Program at their previous school. To qualify for an all college honors degree at Cazenovia College, transfer students will have to earn a minimum of 12 honors credits (four courses) at Cazenovia College. A junior level honors seminar and an honors senior capstone must be included among the courses completed at Cazenovia College.


To graduate with All-College Honors, students must earn 24 total hours of honors credit, and must graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA, both overall and in honors courses.