Strong Interest Inventory

John Holland's Hexagon
The Strong Interest Inventory is an assessment that categorizes your interests in leisure and work settings. Your interests are categorized into six career areas and lists possible careers of interest.

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the vocational choice theory of John Holland. Simply said, people with similar interests and personalities will gravitate toward similar careers. Most people enjoy being around and working with others who share similar personality traits and interests.

John Holland's theory is the best know and most widely researched theory on the topic of career choice. The Strong Interest Inventory is based on John Holland's Theory of vocational choice. Those who take the Strong Interest Inventory will discover interests and activities that are related to careers and will likely lead to career satisfaction.

Holland's theory identifies six general personality types where people tend to express career interests. The Holland Hexagon (shown above) lists the career interest areas and following the Holland Hexagon are the descriptions of the six career interest areas.